We’re all pretty aware by now that breakfast is inarguably the most important meal of the day. And with our busy schedules (or more realistically – our sheer lack of willpower to get out of our comfy beds), we’ve all been guilty of skipping this pivotal part of our mornings more often than we’d like. Thankfully, moving to Nashville could quite possibly provide the antidote to this common challenge, as this town is chock full of delicious breakfast spots that will satisfy any culinary craving that you might have. Check out these 4 popular restaurants for breakfast in Nashville that will get you out of bed alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic better than any alarm clock ever could.


1. Biscuit Love

Paying homage to Nashville’s reputation for incredible Southern comfort food, Biscuit Love serves 100% homemade biscuits that come with a wide assortment of locally-sourced toppings and protein that will be sure to have you drooling after the first bite. An offshoot of a popular food truck, this bright, spacious breakfast spot is the perfect place to start off your morning. We recommend the ‘Princess,’ a.k.a. a good ol’ piece of hot chicken sandwiched between a warm and buttery biscuit drizzled with sweet honey. Other favorites include the ‘East Nasty’ and ‘Southern Benny’ biscuits. You also have to try their Bonuts, which are half biscuit, half donut, and filled with lemon mascarpone cream accompanied by blueberry compote. Talk about heavenly.

2. Pancake Pantry

Don’t let the lines curving out the door turn you away. That line is there for a reason, and you sure won’t be disappointed when you finally snag a table at this legendary Nashville staple. Pancake Pantry serves some of the fluffiest, tastiest, and most famous pancakes in the game, and it’s well worth the wait. Located in the cozy Hillsboro Village, this breakfast gem is infamous for their 23 different types of pancakes that are stacked high and freshly made with love. The Sweet Potato Pancakes are one of their most popular menu items, with their Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes and Santa Fe Cornmeal Pancakes following close behind. Other award-winning options include their French Toast and Hash Browns, so come prepared with an empty stomach.

3. PFunky Griddle

At PFunky Griddle, you got the power and control over cooking your own breakfast! This is the perfect spot for early birdies looking for a dash of fun in their morning routine since PFunky Griddle equips each of their tables with a griddle in the middle and a spatula where you can cook your own pancakes, eggs, and other breakfast foods. For just $5.99, you can make as many pancakes in whatever shape or flavor your heart desires. We highly encourage you to go wild with the pancake toppings, as there are over a whopping 25 that you can choose from. Get messy and get munchin’!


4. Sky Blue Café

You really can’t beat this local, eclectic gem for serving an all-around, hearty breakfast that will set a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Sky Blue Café is a quaint, hidden treasure located in East Nashville that also sees lines stretching out the door on any given weekend morning. This breakfast spot is famous for their vibrant atmosphere, with their tables draped in colorful, mix-matched table cloths and adorned by a funky collection of salt and pepper shakers. We highly recommend the French Toast Pancakes (yes – that’s French toast AND pancakes) filled with your choice of eggs and bacon or bananas and Nutella. Other favorites include “The Classic” dish of eggs, toast, hash browns, and bacon, the Greek omelet, and a spectacular coffee list.