Every season presents its own set of challenges when moving. During the winter you have to deal with potential snow and icy conditions. Spring there is always plenty of rainfall. And summer there is the dreaded heat and humidity. Fall time is one of the most pleasant times to move due to the cooler temps and less humidity but is not without its own concerns.

Here are a few tips to help you make your fall move easy and hazard free!

Tip #1: Clear out the debris

Before you begin moving items from the house to the moving truck, take a few moments and clean up any leaves on the sidewalk or pathway from the house to the truck. This will help prevent potentially slippery conditions and accidental falls – which could result in broken bones or items.

fall moving tips

Tip #2: Keep cleaning supplies handy

It is a great idea to keep a broom, paper towels, and floor/carpet cleaner handy throughout the move. This will come in handy especially on rainy days. Designate a member of your moving team (older children are great for this) to clean up any mud or debris tracked in during the move to ensure you don’t stain the carpet and rugs while moving.

fall moving tips

Tip #3: Pack wisely!

Packing is an art form and packing wisely can save you a lot of time once you unload all of your boxes into your new home. Here are a few tips:

  • Pack like items together
  • Label! Label! Label!
  • Mark what room the box needs to be moved into

fall moving tips

Tip #4: Keep snacks handy

One of the most overlooked moving day items is making sure you have snacks and water on hand throughout the day. Don’t stress yourself out by making snacks. Simply pick easy to eat items such as individually bagged chips, bananas, apples, and other fruits that are easy to eat on the go. Make sure to keep plenty of water handy for the whole team as well. 

5 tips for moving during the fall, fox™ moving and storage, experienced, trained professional movers

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