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If you’re looking for tips for moving on short notice, then we understand how valuable your time is. First, keep calm. You got this. With the right strategy, you will find yourself (and all your belongings) in your new home in no time.

Time is of the essence, so let’s get busy. Here are seven tips for moving on short notice…

Hire a Professional Mover

Yes, we’re professional movers, but before you roll your eyes at this tip, hear us out. Customers who are in a bind because they need to relocate quickly represent a decent chunk of our clientele. When time isn’t a luxury, having professionals handling your move makes your life so much easier. You won’t need to stress over the logistics. If you’re pressed for time and need to move, you should absolutely consider hiring a moving company.

Consider Putting Things in Storage 

You might have a few low-priority things that you don’t have time to worry about. Before you start moving anything, go rent storage space where you can take these non-essential items.  If you decide to sell them, give them away or eventually take them with you, you can rest easy knowing that they’re in a safe space while you make up your mind.

Provide Incentives to Those Helping You Out

If you’re calling your loved ones for help on short notice, you’ll need to sweeten the deal a little. Maybe you can take them out to dinner afterward. Better yet, you can save money by giving them things you don’t need. This not only cuts down on the items you’ll need to move, it offers a major perk to those who are kind enough to lend you a hand

Appeal to Your Landlord’s Goodwill

Even if you have an agreement with your landlord about when you must move into (or out of) a property, you might at least ask for some leeway. If they’re understanding, then you’ve bought yourself some time. If not, then it didn’t hurt to ask.

Begin the Packing Process Whenever You Have Free Time

If you need to move quickly, your new hobby is packing things up whenever you have a few free minutes. When you do, don’t forget to label everything clearly. Label your boxes so they show what is in the box and which room the box should be taken to in your new home. Pack non-essentials first and must-have, everyday items last. This is one of the most important tips for moving on short notice.

If You Really Don’t Need Something, Don’t Take It with You

Now is the time to cut down on your clutter. Get on social media and see if anyone wants to buy your items. Or you can give them away for free if you’re feeling generous. Moving to a new location is the perfect time to become more organized and have more space. Consider it an opportunity to pare things down.

Stay the Course – This Will Be Over Soon

Yes, moving quickly can be a white-knuckle experience, but the good news is that you’ll soon be on the other side of this task. Take a break when you need it, then get back to the job at hand. And, of course, know that help is only a phone call away.

We hope these tips for moving on short notice have helped. The clock is ticking, but don’t stress yourself out. Keep moving forward, and you’ll soon be taking a big sigh of relief.

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