If you’re like many people, you may have gotten so caught up in the process of moving that you found yourself with no plan AFTER you move. What exactly should you do first? What can you do to make the unpacking and settling process go smoothly now that your professional movers have moved on? No worries, at Fox Moving, we’re happy to help you through those first 24 hours after you move just like we were happy to help before and during!

What to Do in the First 24 Hours After You Move

after you move

Renting? Document Everything After You Move In!

If you’re renting, your landlord may have asked you fill out a condition report. Even if they didn’t, we still recommend documenting any existing damage or disrepair immediately after you move in. (Zillow has a handy form to guide you located here.) Be thorough, take photos, and keep a copy of all documentation for your own records. While you’re at it, you can make a checklist of any items that need immediate maintenance or could use a little extra cleaning as you settle in.

Spot Clean as You Move In.

Speaking of cleaning… those first 24 hours after you move are the perfect time to dig out the elbow grease and get that new home spotless! Even though your new home was probably cleaned before you moved in, moving day can make some messes. Not to mention that a mostly furniture-less home makes for easy cleaning of nooks and crannies. Check those corners that will soon be filled and run out the dust bunnies!

after you move

Make the Bed So You Can Lie In It!

We know you already planned on getting that bed assembled ASAP, but once it’s in its place, get those sheets in place too! Hopefully, you’ve followed our moving tips and you have those sheets packed in your “first night” box (clear plastic bins work best for that) so you can locate them easily. Before you spend too much time and energy moving boxes and furniture, get that bed made! You’ll sleep better and feel more at home when you fall into it exhausted!

after you move

Get Those Daily Goods Together.

Toiletries, towels and coffee-making goods are likely high on the list of things you need access to daily. If you’ve got to get back to your job, you’ll also need work wear and maybe an iron. Whatever it is that you’ll need every day after you move, get it together and organized so you can get back to normal even if the boxes take a while to get through.

Arrange Your Boxes By Room.

While it’s not realistic to get every room unpacked in the first 24 hours after your move, it is realistic to sort through those piles of boxes and get them moved into the right room. It will be much easier to tackle one room at a time without darting all over the house to shuffle boxes around as you work.

Take Some Time…

Believe it or not, not every single moment of the first 24 hours after you move into your new home needs to be consumed with boxes and furniture and cleaning. Take some time to introduce yourself to some neighbors. Maybe have a glass champaign to celebrate and order some pizza and enjoy an easy meal in your new space. Take a trip to the nearest grocery store and stock up on a few items for the fridge and pantry or just take a quick stroll down your new street. Settling in after you move means more than boxes. Start to make yourself at home.