You’ve seen them in many a driveway: giant portable property containers, or “pods” in everyday language. (The all-caps version, PODS, is a trademarked acronym for Portable On Demand Storage.) They’re popular alternatives to moving vans and self-storage facilities: if you have a pile of possessions needing temporary storage, you can save yourself a truck rental by having a pod provider deliver a container to your home. Once the pod is filled, let the company retrieve it and store it—or, neighborhood regulations permitting, keep it in your own driveway.

Can Pods Protect Your Belongings?

For much short-term storage, pods are practical enough. Still, they may not be the best choice. Are you sure you can handle all the packing and carrying yourself? Are you clear on how big a pod you’ll need, and for how long? Is there any chance it will become an eyesore (or an impediment to parking your own cars) if it stays long on your property?

And a point many people don’t consider in advance: will a pod, however sturdy and weatherproof, offer adequate protection against local heat, cold, and/or humidity? It needs to be stated up front: most pods and pod-company storage facilities are not climate-controlled.

Pods: Climate and Weather Concerns

Not that pods don’t protect property from the elements—just that the protection may not be adequate when temperature or humidity reaches extremes. If you’ve experienced a power outage on a humid August day with a 105-Fahrenheit heat index, you know personally how much everyday comfort and health is staked on operational climate control.

Books, electronics, and clothing don’t suffer from heat exhaustion, but humidity and extreme temperatures can cause other damage:

  • Flaking paint
  • Mold and mildew
  • Cracks in a variety of materials, including terracotta, leather, and plastic
  • Rotting wood
  • With treated wood and other products containing certain chemical compounds, “off-gassing” (leaking potentially toxic fumes)

(On the side, liquids should never be left in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. Wine can spoil, water can ruin containers by freezing and expanding—and the risks of flammable or noxious chemicals should go without saying.)

Finally—take note if you’re attracted to pods as the most economical option—there are often extra fees to insure contents against damage. (And if damage occurs while the container is on your property, collecting may entail hiring a lawyer to prove you weren’t to blame. Which can be doubly difficult where you’re responsible for loading your belongings, keeping the pod properly closed, and protecting the pod itself from damage.)

Full-Service Storage: Worth the Money

If you really want the best storage and the best peace of mind, and especially if a relocation is involved, your best bet is a licensed, well-established company that combines storage with professional moving services. And, of course, that offers climate-controlled storage—especially if your needs comprise several months of multiple seasons.

Finally, remember that even with the best storage and moving service, it pays to take special care with possessions of high value—definitely with possessions of sentimental value. Keep them on your person, or in the place you’re staying, if at all possible. If space or travel arrangements preclude that, consider leaving your most precious possessions with a trusted friend—or storing them in a safe deposit box—until you can bring them directly to your new permanent location.

But don’t get overly stressed worrying about what might happen. The most important climate to control is the one generated by your own attitude!

Good, Reliable, Climate-Controlled Storage

Nashville has its share of hot days in summer and damp days year-round. Your property’s best defense is a storage compartment that’s climate controlled as well as sealed and sturdy. Fox Moving and Storage of Nashville offers all the above, plus security systems and packing/transportation assistance.

Especially if your storage needs are connected to a planned move or downsizing, consider Fox to keep your possessions safe for as long as needed. We’ve been serving Nashville since 2007. Contact us online or at (615) 965-5640 for a free quote and additional information!

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