You probably know that summer is the peak moving season, and that there are advantages to opting for the fall­–winter period: lower costs, easier for busy moving companies to fit you in. (Plus, if your destination is a southeastern city such as Charlotte, North Carolina, you save the discomfort of physical work in summer heat and humidity.) But if you can’t wait—say you’re a recent college graduate with a new job in another state, and you need an apartment convenient to headquarters—know that there are also ideal times of the month for renting an apartment and making a move.


Start Apartment Hunting Near the Middle of the Month

Since apartment leases typically end when a calendar month does, the majority of apartment move-outs happen near the end or at the very beginning of the month. So, allowing time for post-tenant disinfecting and repairs, the most places are available a week or two into each month. If you apply in the second or early in the third week, there will also be better rental deals because more property managers are becoming eager to fill the available space. (Particularly important if you’re renting in summer, when low prices are already harder to find.)

Keep in mind that, even if most of your things are already packed, you can’t choose an apartment today and move in tomorrow: there are applications to be processed, background checks to be made, contracts to be signed, and last-minute fix-ups to be completed. So the best time to start your search is the month before you plan to move.


Choose Your Time of Day and Week, Too

If you make a habit of checking apartment listings around 9:30 a.m. each weekday, you’ll have the best chance of getting your request in first: most property managers and agents start their workdays by posting new openings. Do get familiar with the individual posting schedules of whatever specific companies or listing services you’re checking regularly. And if you’re moving to another state, remember that their 9:30 may be your current 6:30.


Timing the Actual Move: Time of Month

If your lease is typical, property management will start charging you rent at the beginning of the month. Plan on moving in within the first few days, to get maximum value for your money.


Timing the Actual Move: Choosing a Day

For much of the country, summer is hurricane season, and also the season for frequent thunderstorms. If at all possible, check the 10-day weather forecast for the area where your new apartment is located, and aim to move in on a day when you and your property have minimal chance of getting drenched (or worse) during the carrying-in. (If there’s an actual hurricane, or even a flash flood warning, you’re stuck waiting for better weather, so have an emergency plan ready in case you need a motel or temporary storage. Your moving company can provide advice there.)

Weekdays are less expensive than weekends if you use a professional moving service, but be prepared for heavier traffic if you’re traveling in the early morning (more on that in a moment). If you want lower costs and a post-move weekend to rest up and unpack, Thursdays are ideal.


Timing the Actual Move: Time of Day

Especially in summer when the weather is frequently hot and humid, the physical labor of moving is best done in the cooler morning hours—the earlier the better. Your moving company likely will request an early shift if you don’t, but they’ll appreciate it if you come in knowing about the early-morning practice, which also allows extra time margin for unexpected delays (they always happen).


Let Fox Moving and Storage Help Get You Into Your New Apartment

Whatever type of apartment or other residence you’re moving into, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. If you’re coming to our area, Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte can provide you with full packing and hauling services. We’ll even assist with planning the move, and with unpacking at your new apartment.

Save yourself the extra stress of being personally responsible for every relocation chore. Contact us online, or call 980-414-8428, for a free quote and any questions.