Summer is here and the weather is enticing many people to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. The warmer temperatures are also inviting to people who are thinking about moving. If you are thinking about that yourself, you may be wondering, what are the busiest months for moving?

School’s Out!

In most parts of the country, the school year ends in May or June and that is when many families choose to move. In fact, almost 70% of all moves in the US happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Summer is the peak moving season in the US because:

  • Families who have children in school prefer to move during the months when school is not in session. They don’t want to interrupt their children’s education or after school activities. It can also be easier for a child transferring to a new school to do so at the beginning, rather than the middle, of the school year.
  • Rental leases tend to begin and end during the late spring and summer months, probably because that’s when more people tend to move. It becomes a circle, so that if you are renting and want to move, you will probably need to wait until your lease ends in the busiest months for moving.
  • Spring is typically the time when homeowners will put their houses on the market to be sold. Home selling will typically hit its peak in the spring and summer months, as the weather warms and it’s a nicer time for prospective buyers to be house hunting.
  • Home buying and selling as well as moving are more challenging during the winter months. The weather can be very cold, with the potential for snow and ice, in the winter. Even though it may get hot and humid in Knoxville during the summer, those are much safer conditions than slippery frozen roads.

Summer Holidays

Since these are the busiest months for moving, it’s wise to plan your move as far ahead as possible if you are planning to move during the summer. Movers get very busy this time of year. It is also a good idea to avoid moving on a holiday whenever possible. You will save money as well as the frustration of moving in heavy holiday traffic. Remember that Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are all big travel days during the summer as well as being more expensive times to move.

Tips for Saving Money and Reducing Stress

Other ways to save money when moving during the busiest months of the year are to move mid-week and mid-month. Most people look at the end or the beginning of the month when they are planning their move. They also tend to prefer weekends for moving. Those are the busiest times during the busiest months and throughout the year. If your schedule is flexible, plan a move on a Monday through Thursday during the second or third week of the month.

Seasons for Moving

Since May through early September are the most popular times for moving, planning your move from mid-September through April can also save you money and worry. What is the best season for your move? It depends, of course, on your situation, but consider these factors:

  • The fall season offers great weather conditions, as it can still be very warm in September and into October, with little possibility of snow or ice.
  • Winter tends to be the least expensive time of year to move because it sees the lowest demand for moving services. Watch the weather, though, to be safe while moving during the winter months.
  • Spring brings warmer temperatures, although it tends to rain more during these months. March and April see less demand for moving services than May.

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