Not all real estate agents are created equal – what you need to know to choose.

Congrats! You’ve decided you’re ready to buy a house. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homebuyer or if you’re on your third purchase, choosing the right real estate agent for you is the critical first step in the process. As with any huge investment, you’ll want to find a partner who will guide you through the process with your best interests at heart. It is totally worth the time it takes to research and prepare as you choose a realtor.

In Knoxville, you’ll have lots of realtors to choose from. Our city is growing and our neighborhoods are changing. The whole town looks a lot different than it did several years ago and houses in some areas move more quickly than ever. That means that partnering with the right real estate agent in Knoxville is also more important than ever.

Here are a just a few tips to help you choose the right realtor:

choose a realtor

Do your research before you choose a realtor

Start out with basic research. Get to know Knoxville’s local real estate landscape to help you understand how to choose the right realtor. Look at listings for styles of houses or neighborhoods that might interest you and see if any realtors or agencies turn up on a lot of those listings. Google real estate agencies. Research neighborhoods. Jot down questions you need to ask. The more you arm yourself with info, the better prepared you’ll be.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family

One of the best ways to research realtors is to ask friends and family. Post a request for realtor recommendations on Facebook. Join neighborhood groups for areas of town you’re interested in and ask for recommendations there. You may score a realtor who lives in the ‘hood you want to move into that way. After you’ve received recommendations, narrow down your list of options and then start checking websites and online reviews.

Tip: Create a spreadsheet to help you keep track of basic information about real estate agents you are considering. Include things like name, email, phone number, website, and notes on what you like and dislike. 

real estateShop around and interview

Why not interview your top candidates to help you choose a realtor? Have a conversation or two with your potential realtors and share with them your top concerns and your main priorities and interests. This may seem tedious, but it’s important that you choose a realtor that has a personality and temperament that makes you feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the home buying process.

This is a time for you to ask potential agents about the issues that are most important to you and to see what kind of input they have on how you should go about choosing your new home. Ask what their process is like. Find out how they will communicate with you and how often. The more questions you ask as you choose a realtor the more likely you are to find just the right one.

Be honest about your wants and needs

Be clear with your potential realtor(s) about not just your desires in a new home but also any challenges and needs you have. If you are a first time home buyer your needs are going to be different than an experienced home buyer. If you are anxious about buying a home, be clear about how much hand-holding you will expect as you work through the process. If you have financial challenges or limitations, be open about them. It may be best as you choose a realtor to jot down any concerns, questions, and housing must-haves and keep them on hand for sharing with your potential agents(s).

Make your pick!

Once you’ve worked through research, recommendations, and interviews, you should be ready to choose a realtor and move on the more exciting parts of house hunting! Next, it’s on to viewing and choosing and then all the paperwork!

And of course, when you get past all that and are ready to pack up and move in, don’t forget to call us. We will schedule your free in-home estimate and ensure that your move in worry and stress-free!