The beginning of a new year is always a great time to take a look around your home to see how you can get it better organized. That can be a daunting task, but if you are looking to conquer your clutter, our tips for at-home storage will certainly help. When you start with a plan, you’ll be more successful – and less overwhelmed!

Tackle One Room at a Time

It’s easy to get distracted as you work through piles of papers or attempt to pick up items in cluttered areas throughout your home. You might be tempted to take things from one room to the next to put them in their proper place, but experts say it’s better to stay in one room and tackle that one by itself before moving on to the rest of the house.

Gather several boxes, bags, or baskets to use as you go through each room. One box should be for things you are ready to donate, a bag can be used for items you are discarding, and baskets can be designated for items that belong in other rooms. You can then take that basket to its assigned room when you are ready to tackle that room.

For example, as you are cleaning up and decluttering your living room, you will probably find lots of items that really should be in your bedroom, in the kids’ rooms, or even in the laundry room. Rather than getting distracted by walking back and forth, stay in the living room until it is completely done. You’ll enjoy a great sense of accomplishment and then you’ll be ready to move on to the next room with your baskets and boxes.

Work Clockwise Through the Room

Can’t decide where to start? Pick a corner and then work your way clockwise through the rest of the room. Staying focused on each area will also keep you from being distracted. You will direct your cleaning and decluttering energy to one area at a time until you get back to your starting point. When you are looking to conquer your clutter, there is no better feeling than realizing you have completed the entire room with precision and a focused strategy, rather than randomly picking up items and trying to decide what to do with them.

At-Home Storage Solutions

Your house has probably become cluttered because you have limited storage – or are not sure how to optimize the use of the storage areas you do have. When you get creative with some storage solutions you might not have thought of as options, you can have fun and conquer your clutter!

The organizing experts at Real Simple suggest that magazine holders can be used in the kitchen to hold seasoning packets or to prevent canned food from getting jumbled up on your cabinet shelves. You can also use these sturdy holders to keep your cling wrap and aluminum foil organized. In your bedroom, use the magazine holders to hold your smaller clutches.

In the bathroom, use a lazy Susan to hold nail polish bottles, medications, or first aid supplies. The lazy Susan can also be used in the kitchen to hold condiments so they’re easily accessible in the refrigerator and at the dinner table.

Replace Original Packaging with Storage Solutions

When you are looking to conquer your clutter, one of your first steps should be to get rid of the original packaging on many of the items that are taking up too much space. Packaging can be bulky and, most of the time, is unnecessary once you get the product home.

Get some clear plastic boxes for storing light bulbs (with crumpled newspaper or tissue paper in between to protect them) and for storing batteries in a more organized, and easier to find, fashion. Always looking for birthday candles? Put them in a plastic cotton swab container. These at-home storage tips can not only help you get better organized but also will keep you from purchasing duplicates of things you couldn’t find in the clutter!

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