Moving across the country or even just a few states over from the Chattanooga area of Tennessee can be a major undertaking. Professional cross country movers can help alleviate a lot of the stress as your expert movers and packers. Here are a few helpful tips for that long-distance move for you and your family.

Preparing for the Move

One of the most important steps in moving cross country is to prepare properly. Create a checklist of everything that has to be done, with a schedule for getting it all done. Include a budget for items that will have an expense associated with them. Be sure to list notifying everyone of your new address, including family members, friends, utilities, and schools.

On your calendar, include time for going through your clothes, furniture, books, and knick knacks around your home to determine what you really want to or need to move. There are probably a lot of items that can be donated or discarded. Clearing out these things before you have movers and packers come will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Plants and Pets

Most cross country movers will not take plants, especially if you are crossing state lines. You will need to plan to take your plants with you in your car or make other arrangements for them. Safely transport your plants by placing them in light-weight unbreakable containers. If you do not have a way to take plants with you, consider donating them to a friend, family member, or a local retirement home or school.

Professional movers and packers will not be able to take your pet with them either. You’ll need to make arrangements for transporting the family pet cross country, ideally in a portable kennel. If you’re flying, check with the airline about regulations and restrictions. Before moving, visit your veterinarian to make sure all the shots and certifications are up to date. Once you and your pet arrive in your new home, help them feel at home with some special treats and familiar toys.

Moving Cross Country with Kids

When you are moving with children of any age, they will also need some special care to prepare for and adjust to their new home. It’s important to start the discussion early. Talk to them about what to expect, both during the moving process and when you arrive in your new state. Kids of all ages will have questions and will probably have both positive and negative feelings about the change in their lives.

Answer their questions with facts that they can understand and then involve them in the move as much as possible, depending on their age and ability. They can go through their toys and books to decide which to pack and which to donate. Packing their own things can help them get used to the idea of transporting their favorite stuffed animals and clothes to a new bedroom in a new house.

Do some research to find photos and information about your new neighborhood, their new school, and any fun things to do close to your new home. If they have favorite activities, such as soccer or swimming, help them learn about these activities in your new community.

Using Professional Movers and Packers

There is a lot involved in a move several states away. Experts advise that professional cross country movers can help relieve a good deal of the stress involved and ensure that you enjoy the highest quality move.

Professional movers and packers know how to protect all of your belongings and transport them safely, even unloading and unpacking once you arrive in your new home. The experienced movers will dismantle and reassemble furniture, carefully pad and wrap your delicate and fragile items, and have the necessary equipment to safely load and unload heavy appliances, so you don’t have to worry about how to get that done yourself.

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