Before we get into the details, let’s remember that although moving across town may seem easy, treating this move just like any larger, long-distance move is a must. Many movers will tell you that short distance moves can, at times, be harder than longer ones. Generally people tend to underestimate the amount of work that goes into moving, and being across town from your new home causes people to relax about deadlines. Just like large moves, managing checklists and time tables is important. To help wipe the stress from your move here are some tips to help with the process:

Plan ahead for your cross-town move!

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A large part of your move will be determined by what moving option you decide on. If you plan to rent a truck for your move remember to book the rental ahead of time. Weekends are popular times for local moves and arranging for a truck a few weeks in advance will guarantee availability. The same can be said of booking a professional moving company. While some moving companies (like Fox Moving and Storage!) are available on short notice, booking your move in advance allows for time to have a free in home estimate which guarantees your fees and that you have enough truck space and packaging available. Why risk it?

What goes first?

One of the benefits of a short distance move is that you can make a few trips before official moving day arrives to keep the big day as small as possible, but where do you start? When moving your initial belongings from your old home, begin by moving items you don’t regularly use. This will include out-of-season clothing, extra cleaning supplies, sports equipment, books and more. You’d be surprised how much room these smaller items can take up on moving day. Why not get them out of the way?

Set a pace.

Avoid rushing around last minute to pack a full home in just a few days. Although chances are that you will still be in your regular weekly routine, packing a little every night will make a big difference. Grabbing some boxes and tackling one room a day will make packing seem much faster and far less overwhelming!

Purge, purge, purge!

When packing items to move you’ll encounter those “maybe” items which may or may not be worth bringing along. If you believe these items may eventually take up space with no purpose, have a garage sale a few weeks prior to your moving day. In addition, creating piles for donations will help filter what should and should not be kept while offering you the joy of giving back.

Before waving goodbye.

Before waving goodbye to your old home for the last time, remember to do some last minute chores to keep you stress free in coming weeks. Change your address at the post office. You don’t want your mail filling a strangers mailbox for weeks and you don’t want to miss any important mail at your new home! In addition, shut off your utilities. Because this can be scheduled, all it takes is a simple call to let your providers know your moving date. If you’ve got a security deposit on your residence make certain that you’ll have it returned in full by filling in holes in your walls with toothpaste/soap bars and by cleaning the place thoroughly. Before shutting that door one last time give the place a good once over to make sure you haven’t left something behind in any drawers, cupboards or closets.

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