Happy month of love, Knoxvillians! February brings tiny cupids shooting arrows at potential suitors and lots of chocolate – which we can’t help to be thankful for, especially on February 15th when they all go on sale! But, being the new kid in town, if you’re dating in Knoxville, you might be lost on where to go to meet new people. I mean, let’s face it – in this digital era sometimes we just need a little help to get out from behind the screen and reconnect face to face. So, if you are looking for a great place to meet some new people, or maybe snag a date or two, here is what you need to know.

Dating in Knoxville – Local Meetups

Local meetups through Meetup are great ways to connect with others who have similar interests and ideas of fun. From groups centered around wine adventures to photography groups to shaking what your mama gave you on the dance floor, there are so many amazing groups to get active in and meet new people.

Bearden Beer Market Run

If you love great beer and running, then checking out the Bearden Beer Market Fun Run is an absolute must! With special events all year long and themed fun runs, you never know who might become your new running buddy. Word on the street is there are plenty of other events going on at the store as well year round.

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Knoxville Sports & Social Club

Dating in Knoxville and love to play kickball, dodgeball, softball, volleyball, bowling and flag football? Then join the fun at the Knoxville Sports & Social Club. The club  “was created to provide recreational sports leagues and social events for adults over 21. No matter your skill level or athletic ability, you’ll find a sport to enjoy and opportunities to socialize and make new friends that could last a lifetime.” But, the fun isn’t just on the field with the KSSC, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out at the countless after parties and social events the club also puts on throughout the year.

Market Square

If you love the nightlife and grabbing a drink or two while dancing the night away, then head to Market Square. This is where Knoxville goes to let loose and party. There are always events going on, places to eat and shop at, and of course, places to go to meet other newcomers and grab a drink or two. There are plenty of concerts and festivals that happen in Market Square year round as well.

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