We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – not all moves are created equal – and neither are all moving companies! The dedicated service provided Fox Moving and Storage is not the standard of all moving companies and in most cases, you get what you pay for.

What is Dedicated Service?dedicated service movers

When a moving company like Fox Moving and Storage offers dedicated service, it means you will have a truck (or trucks) and a team of moving experts solely dedicated to your relocation. We do not make stops along the way to pick up anyone else’s belongings and we do not hold on to your items until we have a full truck en route to your destination. Until your move is complete, your crew and truck(s) work only for you!

Why Choose Dedicated Moving Services over Shared Service?

By offering our customers dedicated service for all of their moves, Fox Moving not only guarantees our delivery dates and times, but we can also provide faster delivery. We will never be waiting on a “full load” or additional moves on your route in order to complete service. When you choose a van line offering shared service, you run the risk of your belongings being unloaded and stored in the company’s warehouse anywhere along the route while waiting for additional loads, (because yes, your treasured household goods are just a “load” to them). The date of delivery of your goods can’t be guaranteed and you may find yourself waiting WEEKS for delivery. Only your items are loaded onto a Fox Moving and Storage truck and your delivery is made within hours, (or days in some cross-country moves), not weeks. The crew who arrives onsite to load your belongings is the same crew who arrives at your destination to unload them and they work for only YOU until your move is complete.

Why Do Vanlines or Other Moving Companies Offer Shared Service?

Offering shared service over dedicated service all comes down to money. While a van line may brag about being able to save you a little of it by not offering you a dedicated truck and moving crew, they may not mention that they can also make more of it, whether it’s best for you or not. While it may make good sense to have your items shipped by shared service if you don’t need to worry about delivery date and don’t mind your goods being transferred, saving a buck or two may not be worth it in the end if you find yourself having to rent a hotel room until your beds arrive or if your goods get lost in the process of transferring them between trucks and crews. If you’re worried about increased risk of damage or loss, would like to know exactly when to expect your goods to arrive at your new home, and want to work with a moving crew dedicated to only your relocation, call Fox Moving today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free in-home estimate as the first step in your dedicated moving experience!