Hidden Costs of a DIY Move

No one understands more the amount of time and effort goes into moving into a new home. You will spend what seems like end less hours deciding what to keep and what to to toss, cleaning, packing and so very much more. A lot of people don’t want to add to all the work and cost by hiring a moving company, but a DIY move may have a few hidden costs you don’t expect. Here a few things to keep in mind before you go with a DIY move thinking it will be easy on your budget.

Packing for your DIY Move – It’s Not FREE!

We always remind people that time is money and your time is pretty valuable. Planning to pack yourself for a DIY move instead hiring professionals that offer packing services is going to take a LOT of that precious time! Don’t forget to account for these things:

Time Off Work – Packing all of your own items may not seem all that pricey, but most people find they don’t have enough hours in the day without taking some time off work. We all know that once you start taking time off work, the money you’re losing may add up. What you could earn in a day could very well be more than what it would cost to hire packing help!

Packing Supplies: You may be thinking that used boxes and a little newspaper are free, but those used boxes (thanks to planet-friendly practices of local retailers) are a little harder to come by than they used to be. Also, do you really want to wrap your valuables in NEWSPRINT? If you do, you’ll be running the dishwasher an awful lot that first week in your new home. You’re going to need legitimate packing materials, and those are pricey at full cost.

Insurance for your Belongings

When moving your belongings, think about every possible outcome. That 62-inch flat screen may be packed tightly but the boxes around it may be unstable. Opening up the back of a truck and discovering that your LCD is no way to be welcomed into a new home! Even with a DIY move, you’re likely going to want to invest in some insurance.

 Other Costs

diy move

Here’s a breakdown of some other costs you can expect to encounter for your DIY move:

  1. Renting a Truck: Unless you want to make a thousand trips in a pickup truck, you’ll need to rent a moving truck, and possibly a dolly, and some pads for wrapping (you get the point).
  2. Storage Unit: Not everyone encounters the situation, but occasionally, closings and rental agreements change at the last minute, leaving you between homes for week or so. On a DIY move, you won’t as easily move into storage as you would with pros, who can likely offer you storage cheaper and on shorter terms.
  3. Gas: Generally larger moving trucks average between 10-16 miles per gallon. Do the math! Divide your travel distance by your vehicle’s mpg and multiply by the average gallon price.
  4.  Injuries: Not to jinx you, we swear, but we HAVE to mention how often people get injured during a DIY move. No need to remind you how costly THAT is!

Knowing a little more about the hidden costs of that DIY move, you might be ready to get some packing and moving quotes to let the pros take over. We’re happy to get you started!

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