If you plan to use professional moving services, you might be in the dark about whether you should tip them. Luckily, this guide will help you determine how much to tip movers, things to examine when considering tips, and scenarios where it is acceptable to refuse to tip them.

How Much Do I Tip Movers?

There are several ways you can determine how much to tip. First, consider the length of time where you require their services. A good rule of thumb is to tip $4-5 per mover for each hour worked. Therefore, if you hired two movers who worked for four hours, you’ll tip them between $16-$20 apiece. 

Another factor you should consider is the difficulty of the work. If they’re loading and unloading heavy items, such as solid wood tables, furniture, multiple beds, and other stuff, you might want to tip them more than the standard. 

Furthermore, pay close attention to how the movers handle your items. If they are careful with how they pack, load, and unload your stuff, reward them in kind. 

How Do I Tip Long Distance Movers?

You might feel enticed to tip based on the percentage of the total move. However, when you consider moving a long distance can run in the thousands of dollars, tipping based on this amount can be expensive. Since long-distance moving involves multiple crews, you can tip based on the hours worked, the items involved, and the care they exhibit with your stuff.

When is it Acceptable Not to Tip?

It is unfortunate, but not all moving companies exhibit professionalism. If the movers show up late and do not have a legitimate reason for doing so, that would be a reason to withhold a tip. Furthermore, if they seem careless with your items or damage them, you can withhold paying them anything extra. Lastly, if they’re rude to you, leave packing material around when unloading, or don’t express concern with your considerations, these are behaviors not warranting more money. 

Tips for Communicating with Movers

Having a schedule of what you want to do before your movers arrive is essential. That way, when they arrive, they have an idea of what you want to accomplish and it allows them to maximize their time.

Also, consider having drinks and snacks on hand for movers. And when it comes time to tip, you can hand them cash after the project completes if you feel it is warranted. 

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