Having to deal with a big pile of cardboard can dampen even the smoothest of home moves. But before you throw your hands up in despair over what you’re going to do with those moving boxes, read through this quick and easy guide. We’ll cover six ways to handle your cardboard boxes effortlessly without the stress.

What to Do With Cardboard Boxes After Moving 

Smart cardboard box management requires nothing more than a little strategizing and some creative thinking.

1. Sell Them

One of the easiest things you can do is to sell your cardboard boxes. Sites like BoxCycle are a great place to start. You can sell your boxes at competitive prices to attract buyers who want to slash their packing costs.

Also, post on social networking sites and forums like Craigslist, where interested parties can buy directly from you.

Another option to sell is to check with your moving company to see if they’d be willing to buy back your unused moving boxes.

2. Give Away Your Old Boxes

If you’d rather give your cardboard boxes away, talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members to see if they’d be interested. Check in with local charities, too. They can come in handy for many different purposes, so you’re bound to find someone who wants to buy or is willing to take the boxes off your hands.

3. Use Them to Wrap Gifts

Cardboard boxes are great for wrapping gifts. Flip the box inside out to hide any logos and glue the tabs firmly in place. If the box is too large, you can cut it down to size and reassemble it. Once you’re done, use wrapping paper, colored markers, or paint to pretty up your containers and make them perfect for gifting. Finish with a beautiful bow to really make an impression.

4. Repurpose Them

Repurpose your boxes. You can use cardboard boxes for a lot more than just moving:

  • Use flattened boxes to protect your floor surfaces when painting or doing other odd jobs around the house.
  • Shred your boxes and add them to your compost pile for mulch
  • Cut out lengths and use them as drawer separators
  • Cut out circles or squares, paint them, and use them as disposable coasters.
  • Remove the top flaps, paint or decorate the boxes, and use them as storage containers.
  • Use as a temporary pet shelter.

5. Make Crafts

Get your kids involved in creating vibrant and fun crafts out of dull cardboard boxes! Try these resources for some inspiration:

6. Recycle Your Cardboard Boxes

Recycling your cardboard boxes is a great way to protect the environment and contribute to sustainability. Try the City of Chattanooga Recycling Centers, or search online for a recycling center near you. Alternatively, sign up for Chattanooga’s local government site to make use of collection services.

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