If you’ve ever moved into a new home, then you know it’s a process that takes lots of time and effort. It involves managing multiple tasks simultaneously before, during, and after the move — such as getting all packed up, finding affordable movers, and more. As a result, it will often take you a few weeks to get everything sorted. However, not all moves can be planned well in advance, and that’s where things can get stressful. In the event of an emergency move, you’ll need to think and act quickly. We’re here to help.

What Causes an Emergency Move?

In the Chattanooga area, flooding and severe storms are typically the main causes of emergency moves. Yet, many other unforeseen circumstances could force you to relocate abruptly. For example, maybe you got a new job offer that requires you to relocate immediately. Or perhaps your moving team stood you up, and now you have to find a new one on short notice. Whatever the reason for your last-minute move may be, stay calm. You can always find a way to make things work out.

What To Do in Case of a Last-Minute Move

If you’re forced to deal with a last-minute move, don’t fret. Here’s what you can do to make things run as smoothly as possible.

1. Stay Calm

Panicking is the worst thing you can do when trying to tackle an already nerve-racking scenario. Instead, you must keep it together so that you can think clearly and make smarter decisions. This will make things much easier for everyone involved and facilitate the moving process altogether.

2. Check Your Priorities

When moving under pressure, it is hard to get carried away and try to make everything happen at once. However, this often leads to mistakes that can slow down the move even more than tackling each task separately. To prevent this, create a list of moving-related activities from the most to the least important.

3. Get Some Rest

During a last-minute move, it’s very tempting to stay up all night packing or taking care of other issues. Yet, keep in mind that a tired mind is more susceptible to overlooking important details and messing up. Make sure to get enough sleep and take a break from all moving-related stress if you want to keep things on track.

4. Stock Up on Essential Moving Supplies

Running out to the store every couple of hours is one of the most common ways in which you can waste valuable time when moving. That’s why you must ensure you have all the packing and moving supplies you may need before you get started. Make a rough estimate of how many boxes you’ll need to store all your belongings. Most movers in Chattanooga should be able to provide you with the appropriate moving materials to protect your belongings.

5. Hire Reliable Help

Sometimes it’s impossible to DIY the moving process, especially if you have limited time to get everything sorted. Hiring professional and cheap movers in Chattanooga could take away some of the pressure caused by a last-minute move.

Find Emergency Movers in Chattanooga

Last-minute moves are never fun. Finding trustworthy Tennessee movers to help you pack and move your belongings will keep your emergency moving experience under control. Fox Moving & Storage of Chattanooga offers comprehensive emergency moving services with as little as one hour’s notice. If you’re ever stuck in such a stressful situation, contact us and let us help.