When planning a move, the last thing you want to worry about is sourcing packing materials. You probably don’t have the time to figure out which box sizes you need, how many you should get, and what additional packing materials will be necessary. A lot goes into figuring out where to get moving boxes—and deciding which ones you’ll actually use.

While you work on more important tasks like organizing your belongings and lining up a good moving company, here’s what you need to know about quickly selecting and sourcing boxes before your big move. 

Sizes: Choosing Your Moving Boxes

Did you know that box size can determine whether your belongings break in transit? If you pack small knick-knacks in large boxes, you run the risk of damage caused by items rolling around or knocking into each other. While packing paper can alleviate this concern, using too large of a box for smaller items will require more packing paper to keep your stuff safe. This is the impact that box size can have on the safety of your treasured possessions. It’s also why moving experts often offer packing services. Click here to learn about our time-saving solutions.

Where to Get Moving Boxes for Clothes

If you have expensive suits or other dress clothes, you won’t want to shove them into a small box either, as this risks wrinkling and damage. You’ll want to opt for wardrobe cartons, which are boxes that stand up tall and include bars so you can hang up clothes without having to scrunch them or create unsightly creases by folding them. Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte offers these unique packing solutions on our website.

A Note About Oddly Shaped or Fragile Items

When packing up fragile or awkwardly-shaped items, it’s important to consider that not every object should get the same treatment. For example, with flat-screen TVs, you’ll need a foam cover to cushion the screen during transport, which you should tape tightly to prevent it from slipping off. 

Dishware follows the same principle, as stacking them in a box together without cushioning results in a mess of broken shards. A great solution is a dish-packing kit, which includes appropriately shaped boxes and foam covers to prevent your dishware from chipping or shattering. If you’re unsure of where to get moving boxes for specialty items, contact Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte.

Packing Kits 

Packing kits are a great solution to the headache of paying for expensive supplies in stores. When you bundle your packing supplies and pay for a moving kit, you can save a lot of money and time that you otherwise would have spent in a home improvement store searching the aisles for what you need. At Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte, we know the exact tools and items to include in a moving package, because we have years of experience helping people move. Check out our offerings here to see which combination is right for you. 

Need Moving Boxes? Ask the Experts.

When you’re looking at a major undertaking like moving, it will pay off to have experts by your side assisting you with everything from packing to transporting your belongings to your new home. Contact us today to talk about affordable moving solutions that will lessen the headaches and get you excited about your move!