When you are preparing to move to a new home, you need to consider how all of your possessions will be packed, moved, and unloaded. That may include guns and gun safes, if you are a hunter or own guns for protection for yourself and your family. Professional movers, including gun safe movers, can help you ensure that your move goes smoothly and that your items arrive safely and securely in your new home.

Safety First – Always

Planning and preparation are paramount when moving a gun safe. There are some special considerations for gun safe movers and for you, as a gun owner, when moving. Gun safes that are very heavy, for example, may require a particular type of equipment to ensure they are moved securely and without harm to either the safe or the movers. Proper gloves and heavy duty equipment are necessary for transporting any gun safe but especially so for those weighing more than a few hundred pounds.

Preparing Guns to Be Moved

Generally, moving companies are allowed to transport firearms but not ammunition. Always remove the ammunition from your guns prior to your move. Be sure the safety is on for every piece you own. In keeping with the goal of safety always being first, it is best to think of a gun as a dangerous weapon even if it is not loaded. Keep the safety on and never point it at anyone else.

Guns should be kept in a hard-shelled, padded gun case. If you do not have a case, you can wrap each in bubble wrap. If you are packing yourself, do not label the box “guns” but rather use the more generic description of “household items” and do not seal the box until your movers can examine and verify the contents.

Preparing the Gun Safe

Remove all guns from the gun safe before it is moved. You will need to inform the gun safe movers of the weight and any other particulars that will help them transport it securely. For example, many safes have internal relockers to protect them from being moved in an improper manner. Relockers will activate if the gun safe is not handled appropriately. If the safe is particularly heavy or awkward to move, you may need to remove (or have the gun safe movers remove) the door and handles so that it can be transported more easily.

Transporting Your Gun Safe

A knowledgeable and professional gun safe mover will take extra steps to protect not only the safe but your floors and walls as well. Since most gun safes are very heavy, professional movers will know to protect the floor by covering it with blankets and a layer of durable compressed wood along the path they will use to move the safe to their truck.

The mover will review your current home situation to note any tight curves or stairways that might have to be negotiated. Those will also be protected so the movers and the safe will not damage them in any way. They will have the proper equipment necessary to lift and transport the gun safe to the truck and secure it there, along with the rest of your valued possessions, so that it will arrive at your new home safely.

Unloading the Safe in Your New Home

Planning is also very important when it comes time to unload your gun safe in your new home. You will want to know exactly where the gun safe will be placed so your gun safe movers will be able to protect your new home’s floors and walls also. They will scope out the path to the new gun safe location, noting any stairs that will need to be climbed or tight turns that will need to be approached carefully, and will once again lay down the blankets and protective compressed wood over your floors.

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