If you live alone or need to tackle a move by yourself, you might think the DIY route is the best way to save some money and maintain control over the process. However, by attempting to take on all aspects of the project on your own, you could be biting off more than you can chew, while setting yourself up for some unexpected expenses.

After all, saving a few dollars on a do-it-yourself project will turn out to be fruitless if you injure yourself and end up with a costly medical bill, or if you need to repair a hole you made in the wall when you dropped a piece of furniture. Here’s why it’s wise to get help moving furniture.

Should You Move Heavy Items by Yourself?

Whether you’re rearranging a room or contemplating a solo move, it’s crucial to be realistic about your limits. You can severely injure yourself by attempting to lift or move bulky, oversized items alone, even if you are relatively fit and familiar with proper lifting form.

When moving furniture on your own, the riskiest scenario is working with something tall and heavy – like a table, dresser or couch – that might fall on you if you don’t have other people to help you balance it. Another DIY moving danger can occur when moving large items up and down stairs or ramps by yourself. Gravity and momentum can quickly take over, causing you to lose control and get hurt.

Even if you get fortunate enough to make it through a do-it-yourself move without hurting yourself, you should still consider the risk of property damage. You could easily leave scuff marks on walls, hardwood floors or doorjambs, or end up leaving gouges in priceless wood furniture or tears in cloth.

Why Hire Professional Movers for Your Next Move?

When you have trained, experienced personnel lifting and disassembling your heavy furniture, you are at no risk of muscle strain or other moving-related injuries that might take you out of commission for a day or more. Instead, you can focus your attention on other details of your relocation process. Trust that your moving crew knows their stuff and can efficiently accomplish a task that might take you hours to finish all by yourself.

Professional moving companies also have insurance, which represents a significant advantage over DIY projects because it gives you peace of mind in the rare event something gets damaged. In contrast, if you hurt yourself or break something when trying to move a heavy item by yourself, you will be responsible for paying for your medical expenses or repair bills out of pocket.

Need Help Moving Heavy Items?

Whether you are moving a few pieces of furniture to or from storage or need help with the logistics of organizing a long-distance move, Fox Moving and Storage Nashville is here for you. Our courteous, experienced moving professionals will arrive on time with all the equipment necessary to make your project a breeze. We can handle your moving needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on as little as one hour notice. Contact us today to set up your free, in-home estimate!