Don’t Use Brokers if You Want a Reputable Moving Company

The first step if you want to find a reputable moving company is NOT hiring a moving broker. Moving brokers serve as an unnecessary middle man in selling moving services. They do not own any moving equipment and do not perform moves. They will simply send your business to the lowest bidder in order gain largest revenue for themselves. Current consumer protection laws related to household goods brokers are insufficiently written and enforced.

Look for an ESTABLISHED Moving Company

We recommend searching locally for an independently owned moving company that has been in business in the range of 10 years or more (Fox Moving and Storage has been in business for 9 🙂 ). I mean, let’s face it, moving companies who are not reputable don’t stay in business long. Claims payouts on damaged goods are expensive and bad reputations kill earning potential, so any company who has been in business for a decade or more has to be reputable. Even better is the company that is independently owned. A franchise might be an established brand in a market but could have changed ownership a number of times.

Get In-Home Estimates

A reputable moving company will provide in-home estimates FREE of charge. We would never recommend placing all your trust in a moving company who isn’t capable of sending an estimator to your home no matter what type image estimating software they claim to use in place of an estimator. Nothing can replace an expert fully evaluating the size and weight of your goods.

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Review the Paperwork

NEVER ever sign blank paperwork, and don’t sign anything that is not being thoroughly explained to you. A reputable moving company will have clear, concise contracts and will fully explain to you everything you’re putting your John Hancock on.

Check the Numbers

DOT licensing is public information. Make sure your moving company is licensed by searching for them here on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. In addition to licensing, FMCSA’s listings can provide you with information on a moving company’s fleet size, helping to clarify that company is as large and/or established as they claim to be.

Never Pay Large Deposits

While small deposits have a time and place in the moving business, a reputable moving company will not require you to pay large portions of your estimate prior to your move and will only require that you pay for services rendered at the completion of a move.

Remember That You Get What You Pay For

It’s true in all of life and it’s particularly true if you want to hire a reputable moving company. In order to perform quality work, provide quality staff, and maintain quality, reliable equipment, moving companies carry a lot of overhead. If a moving company is offering an hourly rate that seems too good to be true, it’s likely too low for the service to be GOOD. Always be wary of any online listings or advertisements offering moves for crazy low prices. You may experience bait and switch practices or you’ll just experience low-quality service.

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Beware the Name Game to Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Some moving companies, upon suffering reputation issues or financial troubles, will quite simply change their names or they will do business under a variety of names. When you contact a reputable moving company, their employees will answer the phone with the expected business name. They should also have a verifiable business address where they actually conduct business. You can find out if there are any other names the company “does business as” by searching online. A reputable moving company will be doing business under a trademarked name and will have a valid business license in their state. All of this information is public and can be accessed through online research.

Based on all the qualifications above, you’ll find that Fox Moving is a reputable moving company. 

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