Four Benefits of Hiring Local Movers

Have you ever wished you lived in one of your favorite TV towns like Mayberry or Stars Hollow? There are kids playing in the street, waves with every passing car and everyone knows your name. “I miss Mayberry…” It’s that homegrown feel that has boosted the sale of locally made items and made them so popular: We all want to support our communities. But what about when you need some support? You’ll quite literally need a helping hand when you decide to move, so turn to local movers.

Check out these four reasons why you should consider hiring a local moving company.

With local movers, you aren’t just a number

with local movers, you're not just a number

With local movers, you’re not just another number. It’s easier to reach a real person and quickly resolve issues.

Imagine standing in line at the DMV, praying your number will be called next. You keep telling yourself 3 isn’t that far away from 50 in the scheme of things. Sounds like a fun time, right?

What about when you’re moving? Do you want to just be another number to your moving company? Not unless you just want to add more stress to your move.

You need a company that gives you a real person you can call, text or email whenever you have questions or concerns. They should be there to make your move easier — not make you jump through hoops just to get a response. With a local company, you’ll be on a first-name basis with their team — and vice versa. You’re inviting them into your home, so work with someone you know and trust.

Their reputation (actually) matters

In a way, local moving companies put all of their eggs in one basket. They rely on finding customers in their community — while a national brand is more spread out and not as dependent on one city’s business.

So what does that mean for you? A local company has to make a good name for themselves in the area, or they’ll be closing up shop. And that means they will be focused on providing better customer service to make sure that doesn’t happen — and hopefully because they truly care, as well.

To see what people near you are saying about a company, ask for their references’ names and contact information. Or even better, they will start out your consultation by giving you a copy of their references.

They’re often more affordable than national companies

As companies grow, there’s increased overhead and costs associated with keeping the lights on. National companies have far more costs involved in maintaining a large fleet of trucks that are constantly moving cross-country between multiple locations.

Local companies typically operate in a smaller geographic area and have smaller costs associated with running their business and are able to pass those savings on to customers.

They can make your move more convenient

There aren’t many people who would describe a move as “convenient,” but you can make it easier to manage with a local moving company.

Those companies will have their office, trucks, and employees all in the same city as you, so you don’t have to try to schedule a truck to be here or work around other schedules. You can also swing by to see their trucks and get a better idea of who you will be working with on move day. The fewer surprises, the better.

Find the best local mover in Chattanooga

Think about it this way: Would you choose a national realtor to sell your home? No, because they don’t know your market and probably aren’t going to be very available. Choosing a moving company is similar to that.

So, lower your stress level a smidgen by going local with your Chattanooga move. Fox Moving and Storage has offices in the fast-growing Chattanooga and across Tennessee, and we’d love to help you during this exciting time.