Nashville’s real estate market is red-hot, and hasn’t shown signs of stopping. While that means there are fewer homes available for purchase and you might net more profit when putting your house up for sale, you can still benefit from home staging to showcase your living environment in its best possible light. Here are our top tips for staging your home, plus three strategic advantages of doing so.

How to Stage Your Home

Home staging refers to getting your home ready to sell so it appeals to the most potential buyers. When dealing with a significant financial milestone such as selling your home, you don’t want to settle for a lower selling price or have your house languish unseen. That’s why it comes in handy to prepare your home to sell in a crowded marketplace.

Our favorite home staging tips include decluttering for a clean, minimalist look and removing any personal items such as family photos and monogrammed accessories. You can keep those possessions safely in storage until you sell your old house and move into your new one.

Reasons to Consider Home Staging

Because not all homeowners take the step of staging their houses, doing so can help your offering stand out and command a higher asking price. Focus on living spaces such as the family room, kitchen, bedrooms and patio area.

It’s also vital not to confuse staging with decorating. While interior decorating allows you to flaunt your unique style, home staging gives your home a more universal, all-encompassing appeal. For example, that might mean placing your collection of handmade macrame plant hangers in storage in favor of an assortment of trendy succulents in neutral-colored planters. With that in mind, consider this leading advice for staging your home for sale.

1. Play to Buyers’ Feelings

When an area’s supply of homes for sale is scarce, would-be buyers feel more motivation and urgency. In some cases, that might mean they’re making emotionally driven decisions, which you can use to your advantage by subtly staging a home to create a sentimental connection. Buyers want to visualize themselves living in a comfortable, welcoming and move-in-ready space. Instead of displaying your house as a blank canvas, home staging can give people ideas of how they might arrange their furniture and belongings to create a cozy haven for their family.

2. Make the House Look Better in Photos

Many people browse online listings for homes to get an idea of what’s available in their desired neighborhoods and within their budget before they ever contact a real estate agent. You can make your place more memorable by hiring a professional to stage and photograph your house.

3. Avoid a Makeover

When demand is high, potential buyers may be more willing to overlook some flaws instead of coming back to you with a long list of upgrades they want you to make before they agree to the purchase. Staging helps show that your home is worth the asking price by de-emphasizing the need for many minor renovations or repairs you might otherwise need to make. Relative to the amount of time, money and effort involved, staging may be one of the most lucrative projects you ever undertake.

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