how to avoid an injury while moving

When you’re moving, you need to be on top of things. You’re the leader of your own relocation, so the last thing you want is to be sidelined by an injury. Knowing how to avoid an injury while moving is critical during this important time.

From perfecting your lifting technique to asking for help to wearing the right attire, the smarter you can plan before you move, the greater your chances of remaining injury-free. So, let’s review how to avoid an injury while moving.

Take Your Lifting Technique Seriously

You already know that when you pick up the heaviest items, you need to do so in a way that protects your back. However, you should make this a practice no matter how heavy or big an item is. Avoid an injury while moving by treating everything you carry as if it is twice as heavy as you assume it will be.

Use Accessories as Often as You Can

So many of the items you’ll be moving will easily put a major strain on your body. The good news is that by using a few key moving accessories, you can spare yourself by making the process easier. Dollies, shoulder dollies and floor pads can make the heaviest items exponentially easier to move. Take advantage of these tools as frequently as possible.

Break Down Larger Items When Possible

Take a good look at some of your biggest possessions. If they can easily be disassembled or broken into several pieces, they’ll be much easier to move. Maybe you have shelves that you can break down or a dresser with drawers that you can remove. Use all opportunities to make items lighter and less cumbersome.

Don’t Do Too Much in One Day

In some cases, time isn’t a luxury when you’re relocating. If want to avoid an injury while moving, you should pace yourself. Set aside a few days to move all your belongings rather than cramming the entire process into one strenuous day. Give yourself a rest day in between those that include heavy lifting if you can.

Wear Proper Attire

The clothes you wear make a big difference on moving day. The wrong attire doesn’t just make you uncomfortable, it can put you at risk for injury. Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t so loose it can get caught on corners or trapped underneath items. Always find shoes or boots that protect your feet as much as possible.

When in Doubt, Always Ask for Help

If you see an item and aren’t entirely sure that you can handle it alone, DO NOT pick it up. Now’s not the time to be a hero. Ask for help from someone nearby or wait to move that item until someone becomes available.

Speaking of asking for help, hiring a pro to do the job is the absolute best way to avoid an injury while moving. At Fox Moving & Storage Chattanooga, we can have you in your new location in no time.

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