Pool tables offer endless entertainment for adults and kids alike. These felted tabletop games have become staples of the American bonus room. Allied Market Research estimates that the North American pool table market accounted for over $77 million in 2020—a number expected to surpass $111 million by 2028.1 According to this data, plenty of Americans have purchased their own professionally installed billiard tables.

However, these sleek slate slabs do have one key drawback. As homeowners start packing up man caves and game rooms, they’ll confront a crucial question: how do you move a pool table, exactly?

Do You Want to Keep It?

The first thing to know about these bonus room mainstays? They’re bigger than you think. On average, American pool tables measure around seven feet wide by nine feet long. Because of their solid slate tabletops, they can also weigh up to one thousand pounds. Since most movers charge by time and weight, many homeowners choose to leave their pool tables behind.

Take a while to think about whether or not you’re willing to undertake this challenge before listing your home. Who knows, a billiard room may be a key selling point for the right buyer!

Start with Disassembly

You should always take apart a pool table prior to moving it.

If you decide to bring your billiard setup with you, the first thing you’ll need is your toolbox. Because of their size, shape, and fragility, it’s a requirement to disassemble these pieces of furniture before lifting anything. While it’s technically possible to move your table in its assembled state, this will likely damage the delicate slate tabletop. If this happens, you’ll face a hefty bill for total replacement.

The good news is that professional moving teams know how to quickly and efficiently disassemble and reassemble pool tables of all brands and styles. Movers at Fox Moving & Storage are always ready to help you take apart furniture (and put it back together).

How to Take Apart a Pool Table

The process of disassembly looks like this:

  • Remove the pockets and side rails
  • Take off the felt (prepare to replace it down the line)
  • Detach the slates that make up your tabletop
  • Turn the table base on its side and unscrew the legs

Moving a Pool Table

After taking everything apart, the next step is to thoroughly protect each piece of your pool table. Wrap all components in moving blankets and store the slates in sturdy crates. If you work with moving professionals, this process will go much more quickly.

If you’re hoping to DIY your move, you’ll need to enlist four or five able-bodied friends or family members. We recommend walking the path before actually transporting the pool table, measuring doors and hallways as you go. If your home has stairs, consider hiring a professional.

Once everything is loaded into the truck, tightly secure all boxes and crates. Ensure that the slates stay upright; storing them flat on the floor could result in stress and breakage. The driver should proceed very carefully, driving slowly and avoiding any bumps in the road.

When you arrive at your new home, you may want a team of specialists to reassemble your pool table. Because this process involves adding new felt and leveling the tabletop, many people prefer to leave this to the professionals.

Hire Professional Pool Table Movers

At Fox Moving & Storage of Atlanta, we’re always ready to tackle difficult moves. Whether you’re hoping to relocate your pool table or a piano, our expert crew can meet any need with ease. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.


  1. Pool Tables Market Expected to Reach $291.6 million by 2028—Allied Market Research, https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/press-release/pool-tables-market.html