how to move to nashville

Nashville is a popular place to be – and for good reason. From job opportunities to lifestyles as varied as its many colorful neighborhoods, Nashville has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a button-downed health care professional, we have all the accommodations you could ever want.

Each new resident’s relocation process could look a little different, so some guidance from local experts is in order. We want to help you figure out how to move to Nashville. Here’s what you need to know…

Determine How Far Your Budget Will Go in Nashville

Your budget will dictate your housing, the neighborhood you choose and your entire moving strategy. If you’re moving to Nashville because of a new job, then you likely have a good estimate of what your budget will look like. If you’re moving here to look for opportunities, then be as conservative with your expenditures as possible.

Be forewarned that Nashville’s cost of living is fairly high compared to other similarly-sized cities, though it doesn’t crack the top 20 of the most expensive cities in the U.S. To get a rough idea of the cost of living in Nashville compared to your current hometown, take advantage of an online cost of living calculator.

Devote Time to Find Housing

Maybe you’ve heard nightmare stories about the rising costs of housing in Nashville, but you shouldn’t freak out too much. The market is the most buyer-friendly it’s been in years, which is good news for most people moving to our city. Local officials, nonprofit groups and even a former president have been collaborating on initiatives to make housing more affordable. If you were worried about how to move to Nashville without losing an arm and a leg, this is welcome news.

The neighborhood you live in will make a big difference in how you experience Music City. Students and professionals alike will feel at home in West End or neighboring Hillsboro Village. Foodies will love Germantown.  East Nashville has become a central hub for everyone from young professionals to free spirits. The Nations and Sylvan Park are emerging as some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the metro area.

Each of these neighborhoods provides a distinct experience. However, don’t get too hung up on neighborhoods. Residents tend to fiercely defend their territory as the best in the city, but each has plenty to offer. The good news is that Nashville is easy to navigate, so it’s always convenient to explore other areas.

Prepare for Your Move

Planning is essential when moving to a new city. Make sure your possessions are packed safely and securely. You can go through the whole process of renting a truck and finding people to help you. It’s challenging to do it alone, but a moving company can make life much easier.

Obviously, we believe there is a better way. We know how difficult it is to relocate to a new city, which is why we handle as much of the moving process as possible. When you work with Fox Moving & Storage Nashville, you won’t need to worry about packing, unpacking, transportation or storage. We move our customers quickly and on short notice.

If you’re wondering how to move to Nashville without wasting time and energy, we encourage you to contact us for a free quote. We even offer a free moving checklist to help you through the packing process. Now that we have relocation lined up, let’s look at your next step.

Get on the Grid

Looking for a home can be exciting, and so can learning all amazing things a city like Nashville has to offer. Of course, moving isn’t all fun and games. If you’re new to Tennessee, you have a few orders of business to attend to once you get settled into your new home…

  • If needed, have a game plan for transferring your utilities from your current location to your new residence. Transfers might not be an option, in which case you can schedule times to have them switched on shortly before your arrival.
  • Obtain your new Tennessee driver’s license within 30 days of establishing your residency.
  • Obtain a vehicle title from the Davidson County clerk’s office.
  • Register to vote.
  • Change your mailing address with the post office.
  • If you’re moving your business to Nashville and you’ll be subject to a business tax, you will need to register with the state.

To check off many of the above boxes, you’ll want to have at least some basic information available, such as your driver’s license and your proof of residency. Your circumstances might call for more types of registration or licensing requirements, so check with your employer to find out if they can offer some additional guidance.

How to Move to Nashville With a Professional Moving Company

If you decide you want to focus solely on the paperwork-heavy aspects of moving, you can leave the relocation process to Fox Moving & Storage Nashville. We offer many services for individuals and businesses. Our relocation professionals can provide an assessment based on your specific needs. Call Fox Moving & Storage Nashville at 615-965-5640 to speak with our team.