Unpacking boxes of holiday decorations is a fun and nostalgic tradition that your inner kid probably looks forward to every year. However, untangling long strands of lights or realizing your favorite nutcracker has gone missing can ruin your festive mood faster than you can say “Ho, ho, ho.” To save you from distress when next year’s holiday season comes around again, here are some tips for organizing your Christmas decorations.

1. Group Similar Items Together

You can start your project by taking all the ornaments off the tree and gathering any knickknacks from elsewhere in your home in one place. Now’s the time to evaluate anything you might want to throw out or give away. After all, there’s no point in packing up a broken ornament or a wreath you no longer want to use.

After weeding out any items you don’t plan to keep, put the rest of your decor in groups according to the organizational scheme of your choice. For example, it might make sense to group things by color or theme. Then, put each collected set into a storage box, and don’t forget to label what’s in it to eliminate guesswork!

2. Enlist Help

The tasks involved with organizing your Christmas decorations will seem a lot less daunting if you round up a few helpers. Whether you choose to involve your family or invite over a few friends, you can create a fun atmosphere by putting on some upbeat music and ordering pizza delivery. If you’re feeling extra motivated, divide your to-do list into sections and delegate specific tasks to people. The work will go much faster when you have more people helping with chores like labeling boxes, wrapping and packing fragile ornaments and taking down the tree.

3. Create a Storage Inventory

Once you’ve got everything packed up and ready to put away, you’ll want to arrange everything to be easily accessible, so you can quickly find what you want when it’s time to put the decorations back up next year. After labeling your boxes and other storage containers, make a list of each container’s contents. If necessary, note where you’ve stored it – such as if you have multiple boxes scattered across areas like your garage, attic or basement.

Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations With Our Trusted Solutions

While taking down the tree and packing away all the baubles and ornaments might make you feel a little sad that the holidays are over, use these tips to save yourself from frustration and disappointment next year. Depending on your goals, you can even get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions by having a tidy, well-organized home.

And, if you find yourself running short on space to keep all your Christmas decorations, Fox Moving & Storage is here for you with our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. We’ll even pack and move all your items for you! If you live in Charlotte or the neighboring communities, reach out to us today to learn more.