The thought of uprooting your current life and embarking on an interstate move may seem intimidating. Organizing a cross-country relocation involves multiple tasks, and juggling those with your typical daily responsibilities is a significant logistical challenge. How can you keep it all balanced with less frustration and more control?

1. Start Organizing Early

Create a comprehensive moving checklist with everything you need to do before the move happens. Arrange all tasks in order of importance, so everything gets accomplished promptly. Bonus tip: When organizing this list, put a deadline beside each responsibility, so you’re accountable for completing it.

2. Decide What Stays and What Goes

Evaluate your current belongings and decide what you want to keep. For example, if the couch has seen better days and you know you want a new one, why take it with you? Remember, the combined weight of your belongings dictates the cost of your interstate move, so you’ll save yourself money and time by selling or donating anything you don’t plan to use.

3. Pack Unused Rooms First

You might not know where to start packing for your move across the country. Beginning with the rarely used areas of your home, like basements, attics, garages and even spare bedrooms, can help relieve a lot of the stress that comes with an interstate move. Save daily living areas like your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for last.

4. Research What You Can Bring

There are limitations to what you can pack and move when working with an interstate moving company. For example, it’s against the law to move anything flammable, explosive or corrosive. You also can’t have your mover move pets, plants or any perishable foods. Make alternative plans for transporting these items yourself, and safely dispose of potentially dangerous items before you move.

5. Pack Suitcases for Yourself and Your Family

With an interstate move, you can’t expect all your items to arrive at your new home overnight. For that reason, have a suitcase containing all the things you may need until you reunite with your belongings and have a chance to unpack your boxes. This essential bag should contain clothing, medications, toiletries, electronics chargers, a first-aid kit, valuables, important documents, etc.

6. Hire Experienced Movers

Trying to tackle an interstate move by yourself can quickly become overwhelming. Hiring a professional long-distance moving company like Fox Moving and Storage Nashville will ease your stress level considerably. Let us handle tricky tasks like packing fragile or bulky items with the care they deserve, loading them onto our truck and transporting them to your new home as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Trust Fox Moving and Storage Nashville With Your Interstate Move

When you first decide to take the plunge, embarking on an interstate move may feel overwhelming. However, armed with these tips and the support of a professional moving company, you can enjoy a stress-free experience that won’t have you fretting every detail or worrying that you’ve forgotten a crucial detail.

We believe a long-distance move can be an exciting adventure, not a responsibility to dread. No matter how far away you plan to relocate, we can be ready to help you with one hour’s notice, 24/7. Contact us today for your free estimate.