Of all the chores you must do to prepare for a move, packing up your belongings can feel like the most daunting. When you think about putting your treasured possessions in boxes and ensuring they arrive safely at your new home, how do you decide where to begin? Use these tips to make the work ahead of you seem less overwhelming.

1. Start Planning ASAP

While it might be tempting to drag your feet in the months leading up to your move, it’s better to start chipping away at your to-do list early. As soon as you know you need to relocate, book services like professional movers and any contractors you need to hire to fix your current house to sell. If you wait until the last minute to do these things, you could pay a higher price or find that the pros you need are no longer available. Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, you may find all the other steps involved in planning and packing seem easier.

2. Pack Things You Don’t Need First

There’s nothing worse than needing something and realizing you’ve already boxed it up. To avoid this problem, begin by packing off-season clothes and anything else you’re not currently using. For example, if you’re moving this summer, you know you and your family can go without winter coats, scarves and sweaters. As your moving date approaches, you’ll already have many of your belongings ready to load onto a truck, giving you less to worry about.

3. Stock up on Supplies

Orchestrating a move is like spinning plates. When you’re knee-deep in piles of clothes, books or other items, you’ll be too busy to rush to the store to pick up essentials like sturdy boxes, trash bags, tape, packing paper, permanent markers or labels. Get all these items before you start packing, so you won’t have to carve out time in your hectic day for an emergency shopping trip.

4. Clearly Label Moving Boxes

When you finish packing a box, put a label on it stating where it should go in your new home, plus a description of its contents. This moving best practice will avoid confusion and ensure you and your moving crew know where every box belongs. Numbering or color-coding each box and keeping an inventory list in a spreadsheet or notebook is the best way to keep track of what you’ve packed and ensure everything is still there when you unpack.

5. Have a “Go Bag”

Before your move, pack a suitcase, tote bag or backpack with a change of clothes, supplies for kids and pets, toiletries, phone chargers, medications, important documents, snacks and bottled water. You’ll bring this with you instead of loading it onto the moving truck. In an emergency, you’ll be glad you have these items close to hand.

Hire a Professional Packing Team

When you trust experienced professionals to pack and unpack your boxes, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy life. At Fox Moving and Storage, our packing team uses proven methods that prevent damage during transit. Whether you want us to pack everything for you or only need help with fragile, delicate or valuable belongings, you can count on us to treat your items as if we owned them.

We are a full-service, locally owned Chattanooga moving company, so you can count on us to be with you through every step of your relocation. Reach out to us today for your complimentary, no-obligation estimate.