Packing and moving can be challenging, particularly if you have a lot of fragile or delicate items. While clothes and books can be put in a box, labeled, and moved with relative ease, items like photo frames, dishes, and mirrors take some extra care and effort to move safely. Knowing how to pack mirrors for moving will help ensure they arrive in your new home in one piece.

Tape It

Even if you’re not superstitious about having bad luck if you break your mirror, you’ll want to take extra steps to protect it throughout the moving process. To start, use painter’s tape so it will peel off easily. Place several pieces in an X across the glass face of your mirrors. For a larger mirror, place tape horizontally and vertically around the edges of the glass as well. This will help keep the glass from shattering into tiny pieces. Place corner protectors at each corner as well, for extra protection.

Pad It

Wrap the mirror in bubble wrap or Glassine and then tape that down, using a more secure type of tape to keep the padding secure. Glassine is a good alternative to bubble wrap as it is a smooth paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease, specifically designed to protect glass on mirrors and on framed artwork from scratches and blemishes.

Then place several sheets of packing paper on a flat surface, such as your floor. Very carefully, lay the mirror glass-side down on the paper. Wrap the paper around the mirror. If you have a large mirror or your mirror is more delicate than normal, you’ll want to use several layers of paper for this step. Secure the paper with packing tape.

Pack It

The best way to pack mirrors for moving is to use the appropriate type of boxes. There are boxes made specifically for mirrors, photos, and framed works of art. You’ll need to be sure you get the right size. For larger mirrors, use sturdier boxes that will further protect the glass.

To prepare the mirror for packing into the box, stuff packing paper inside the mirror box as a bottom layer of protection. Carefully slide the wrapped mirror into the box. Then add extra packing paper or bubble wrap on top of the mirror and fill in any gaps in the box.

Other Glass Items

You may have large floor mirrors or smaller mirrors that hang on the wall. Follow these steps for each mirror, regardless of its size. These steps will also help you protect and move your other fragile glass items, such as framed artwork or photos. Wrap up your artwork first as you are planning your move, so you can learn more about how to pack mirrors for moving as you gain the experience with your glass frames.

Get the Supplies

Now that you know how to pack mirrors for moving, where do you get all the supplies you need to make sure it’s done right? You can contact professional movers who carry all of these supplies for people who prefer to pack their own belongings for an upcoming move. Sturdy, professional moving boxes are much better than free, used boxes you might find at a store, especially when you need to protect such fragile items.

Let a Professional Handle It

Does all this sound a little intimidating? It can be. Knowing how to pack mirrors for moving and actually being able to take all the steps necessary to protect them properly are certainly different. Your best move can be to reach out to a professional mover to help you pack and move your fragile and delicate items as well as all of your other possessions.

Get Help from the Professionals at Fox Moving and Storage

The expert movers at Fox Moving & Storage Knoxville know what it takes to protect and move your delicate and fragile items, including mirrors and framed artwork, as well as all your other treasured possessions. We’ll help you plan your move and we’ll make sure all of your items are packed and moved carefully and safely. We’ll even give you a free quote for your move to further reduce your stress. Contact Fox Moving & Storage Knoxville today to get started.