The holiday season is here again, and you may be indulging in the nostalgia of making your home festive with lights, garlands and other pieces of décor. As much as you love decorating for this celebratory time of year, you also need to prepare for what to do with these beloved pieces when the holiday season ends.

Christmas decoration storage means safely packing away all your precious holiday ornaments, dishware, light strands and baubles – especially fragile or unusually shaped objects. When the 2022 holiday season comes around, you’ll thank yourself for being so organized and careful when storing these items.

Christmas Storage Ideas

It’s never too soon to start planning for the end of the holidays. Try these tips after everyone has unwrapped their gifts and you’re getting ready to turn the calendar over to a brand-new year.

1. Use Transparent Bins

While cardboard packing crates are durable, consider getting clear plastic bins specifically for storing ornaments and other holiday decorations. Transparent storage solutions make it easy to identify what’s inside at a glance – no guesswork required.

2. Color-Code and Label

When organizing your holiday décor, consider sorting everything by color and putting all like items together. Then, don’t forget to label the bins so you immediately know their contents. Next year, when you retrieve these items, you will be glad you took the extra time to use this Christmas storage hack.

3. Try a Bright Idea

Nothing puts a damper on your festive spirit quite like burned-out or broken holiday light strands. Most strings of lights come with extra fuses and bulbs, but these tiny items are easy to lose track of. Instead of running to the store for yet another set of lights, keep the replacement bulbs and fuses in pill organizers. Then, pack the labeled containers away with the rest of your holiday decorations.

4. Protect Wreaths

Storing delicate holiday wreaths without crushing them can be challenging, but not with this simple Christmas storage tip. Using a clothes rack or closet storage rod to hang the wreaths up ensures they retain their shape year after year. Cover them in plastic wrap or garment bags to keep dust from accumulating.

5. Repurpose Household Items

Plastic cups, empty water bottles, beverage trays and egg cartons serve as extra protection for fragile or irregularly shaped items, saving you from the disappointment of finding broken ornaments when unpacking your decorations next year.

6. Keep Lights Tangle-Free

Nobody looks forward to untangling strands of holiday lights. Save yourself the headache by wrapping the cords around an object like a coffee canister or a piece of cardboard like the top of a shoebox.

Do You Need a Holiday Storage Solution?

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