Happy Spring! It is officially the season of weird weather, blooming flowers, and seasonal allergies. It is also the time of year when people start to think about clearing out the clutter in favor of a more streamlined and minimalist approach to life – it helps that the MariKondo method is hot right now! So where do you even begin to start with the crazy process of decluttering and deep cleaning? Thankfully, we have a few solid tips to share, and a handy, dandy checklist to help you out. But, first, before you begin the process, here is what you need to know:

Get Organized to Get Organized

Before you even begin to start the process of spring cleaning, get yourself organized to make things easier for you. Determine who (if you are tag teaming this clean with someone else) will tackle what and what to do if anyone on the team is unsure of what needs to be kept or tossed – you don’t want to search for Aunt Maybelle’s fine dessert bowls a year later only to find out your dear, sweet partner tossed them in the giveaway pile.

Gather Your Essentials Before You Start

The basic essentials will help make the process of cleaning your entire home easier in some regards – we say in some regards, because this is a tough process to go through; it takes time, dedication, and there is often plenty of frustration as you decide what to keep and what to toss. Basics include boxes and bags for the items you are going to take to be donated, markers to clearly write what is in closed boxes, clear plastic bins for any items destined for storage, cleaning supplies (cleaners, rags, wipes, etc.), some really great music, and whatever else you may think you need to help the process go smoothly.

Give Yourself Time

This is probably one of the most important aspects of spring cleaning. Deep cleaning your house and clearing out unwanted clutter is going to take time. Sure, you can hustle and get it done in one weekend, but unless you have some kind of super human power, chances are you are going to need to spread it out over a month or so. Don’t put pressure on yourself to cram it into just a few days. Rushing adds unnecessary stress and this process should feel liberating, not draining. Set aside time each day to tackle a series of small tasks and then reserve the weekends for the larger and more daunting tasks – like your husband’s man cave or the kid’s rooms.

Use Our Handy Downloadable Template

As any good coach knows a game plan is necessary to ensure success, and with spring cleaning the game plan needs to be written down and posted somewhere to make sure you give yourself goals and a clear path to success. We have created an easy to use, spring cleaning checklist template just for you. It is easy to use and highly customizable in three easy steps:

  1. Write down the room you need to tackle above your list in the box provided.
  2. List out the task for each room under the corresponding category next to each checkbox.
  3. Check the task off as you finish it!

It really is that simple and this process will help you stay on track to tackle this big chore. To download the template, click this link: Fox Moving Spring Cleaning Checklist Template.

And, if you need a great place to store some of your items, make sure to check out our solutions here.

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