Most companies realize that they need to hire pros when they relocate, but what about internal office moves? These are the times that hiring pros may not seem like the obvious choice. We all know how fast Nashville is growing and that includes our businesses. In 2017 alone, Nashville has had 1000’s of jobs added, often hundreds at a time. It’s no wonder that there are tons of internal office moves going on in Davidson County, but companies don’t always know how valuable it can be to hire pros like Fox Moving and Storage to handle them! We are highly skilled when it comes to helping companies move employees around internally, create new offices, and manage office expansions.

The Right Stuff for Internal Office Moves

Fox Moving and Storage has the right stuff for internal office moves! That means we bring to the table more than just skilled moving professionals. It also means that we have commercial moving equipment including not just proper packing materials but also crates, dollies, and carts built specifically for commercial moves. We are prepared for the relocation of everything from conference room tables and bookshelves to files and filing cabinets. We provide the appropriate tools for assembly and disassembly of your furniture and cubicles and we prep your office space for a damage-free move.

The Risk Of Internal Office Moves

Some companies plan to use their own staff for internal office moves. Not thinking of an internal office move as being nearly as overwhelming and time-consuming as a full relocation, it often seems manageable for your own employees. The problem is that using your own staff for moving offices internally comes with great risk. Not only are you risking damage to your office furniture and equipment but also to your employees. Never forget that employee injuries equal workman’s comp claims and lost productivity. Is it really worth the risk?

internal office moves

The Numbers Game of Internal Office Moves

What about the numbers of internal office moves? Aren’t you going to save on cost if you manage them for yourself? Not likely once you factor in downtime for company productivity on top of injury risk, among other factors. Having internal staff assist may mean you work around the clock on your moving efforts to minimize daytime downtime, but what about those overtime hours for having staff relocating offices after business hours or on weekends? Renting the appropriate equipment and purchasing packing materials add even more cost. Hiring pros, following an in-office estimate, a company like Fox Moving and Storage can provide enough manpower and professional equipment to complete your in-office moves efficiently, eliminating additional costs and completing the moves with little to no downtime for your business. We all know that time is money!

What the Pros Can Do for Internal Office Moves

So, exactly how much and what kind of assistance can Fox Moving and Storage provide for internal office moves? Believe it or not, we can offer more than just labor for your heavy lifting! Fox Moving and Storage offers receiving and delivery services. As you prepare for your new hires by ordering additional office furniture and equipment, have your goods shipped to our warehouse. We will receive, inspect, inventory, and store your professional goods. We will have everything you need ready for delivery on moving day. As you prep for your internal office moves, Fox will provide you with commercial packing materials and on moving day, we’ll provide you will all the hands you need for additional packing, disassembly, relocation, and assembly. You name it, we can do it for your office moving needs!

Call Fox Moving and Storage for a free in-office estimate today. We specialize in internal office moves!