Famous for Southern hospitality, stunning scenery, mild winters and a thriving recording industry, Tennessee also has one of the country’s lowest costs of living, making it an excellent place to live for college students, young professionals, families raising children and retirees. If you’re planning to move to or within the Volunteer State, here are three things you need to know.

1. It Is Geographically Diverse

Tennessee borders seven other states and has three distinct sections known as the Grand Divisions. People who live here typically refer to themselves as being from West, Middle or East Tennessee. The Grand Divisions are geographical.

  • West Tennessee, which includes Memphis, borders the Mississippi River and is the lowest-lying of the three divisions.
  • Middle Tennessee is home to the state capital of Nashville. It comprises approximately 40% of the state’s total landmass and includes the Cumberland Plateau and the Highland Rim.
  • East Tennessee, with the population centers of Knoxville and Chattanooga, features the Great Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee River.

2. It Has Many Colleges and Universities

Tennessee is an excellent place to start or continue your higher education, with some of the country’s highest-ranked public and private universities such as Rhodes College in Memphis, Vanderbilt and Belmont in Nashville and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

3. It’s Home to Major Employers

You don’t have to worry about finding a good-paying job after you move to Tennessee. The state’s vibrant economy, favorable labor laws and lack of a state income tax have all attracted national or regional headquarters of large employers like FedEx, Nissan, Oracle, Amazon, Dollar General and BlueCross BlueShield.

Why Move to Chattanooga?

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is close to the Tennessee-Georgia border and boasts an unparalleled quality of life. Nicknamed the “Scenic City,” Chattanooga is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers due to its incredible natural beauty.

In 2005, Chattanooga invested $120 million to renovate its riverfront. Today, the Riverwalk offers dozens of places to connect throughout the city, spanning more than 16 miles along the banks of the Tennessee River. After becoming the first U.S. city to offer 1GB/second fiber-optic internet, Chattanooga has also grown into a leading hub for startups, especially technology-based ones.

While Chattanooga continues to move toward offering urban amenities like expanded downtown living and the Chattanooga Film Festival, the city’s small-town spirit and civic pride remain alive and well.

Planning Your Move to Chattanooga Is Easier Than Ever

Combining an affordable cost of living with an enviable quality of life, communities in and around Chattanooga offer an ideal blend of diversity, convenience and outdoor activities. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, the professionals at Fox Moving and Storage are here to make your relocation enjoyable and stress-free.

For your convenience, we offer fast in-home quotes on our moving and packing services, and we are even available to help you on short notice. Reach out to us today to learn more about starting your residential relocation process.