If you’re planning a move in the Knoxville area, you’re probably worried about the work that needs to be done. All your belongings need to be carefully packaged, loaded onto a truck, and then unloaded upon arrival. Without the right help, the job can be pretty exhausting. Luckily, employing the assistance of experienced local movers can make things a whole lot easier. Read on to learn more about how to find a quality local moving company to save you time, energy, and money with your relocation.

What is a Local Move?

While various moving companies may have different definitions of a local move, most relocations within a 50-mile radius will be considered a local move. More often than not, the starting point and destination of a local move will be in the same state, such as a move from Oak Ridge to Knoxville or from Cedar Bluff to Amherst. Moves that are more than 50 miles away or to a destination in another state are usually considered long-distance moves.

How Do I Find a Local Moving Company?

Finding local moving companies in Tennessee doesn’t need to be time-consuming or difficult. From asking friends for recommendations to simply doing a quick Google search, chances are you can find the right local movers for the job in five minutes or less. Here are some tips that can help in your search.

Talk with Neighbors

If you know someone who recently moved into the neighborhood, consider asking them which moving company they worked with to get their belongings from point A to point B. They may even have some insights into the cost of a local move, how long it takes, and ways to save time on the moving process.

Get Recommendations From Loved Ones

Speak with loved ones to get an idea of a few local moving companies in the area that have a strong reputation. You can also consider getting on social media to solicit advice from friends, coworkers, or acquaintances who have done a local move in the past.

Look Online

One of the easiest ways to quickly find an experienced local moving company is to simply look online. A quick Google search of “local movers in Tennessee” or “Knoxville local move” will reveal several options to choose from. Be sure to check their customer reviews and ratings before deciding to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Knoxville’s Favorite Local Movers

If you need the help of professionals for your local move near Knoxville, our team at Fox Moving is happy to help. Aside from simply taking your belongings to their new destination, we’ll also assist with packaging your items and we even have storage solutions to help you make more space in your new home. Our team also provides boxes, packaging materials, and tape to help save you time and money. With as little as an hour’s notice, our movers can be at your house ready to get the job done. Serving Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, UT campus, Fountain City, Bearden, Sequoyah Hills, SoKno, Rocky Hill, and beyond, we cover a fairly large area and will make sure your next move is an easy process. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us to get started.