Even if you typically prefer to take a relaxed, spontaneous approach to life, moving requires careful planning and attention to detail for everything to go smoothly. Here are some practical packing tips for your most organized, efficient move ever.

1. Pack Rarely Used Items First

Unless you’ve committed to a minimalistic lifestyle, you probably have belongings you don’t use daily. Start with things you already have in storage areas like your attic and garage. Next, take an inventory of your home and begin packing items that don’t serve a daily function, such as décor, books and offseason clothing. To avoid confusion and save yourself time during the unpacking stage, be sure to label each box with its contents.

Bonus tip: Use color-coded labels that correspond to each room in your new home, so you know at a glance which boxes should end up together. Place labels on the tops and sides of each box – that way, anyone who picks up a box from any direction understands where it goes.

2. Don’t Take Clothes Out of Dresser Drawers

Technically, the clothes you keep in your dresser are already “packed,” so there’s no reason to take them out of their drawers. To keep delicate clothes from getting dirty and prevent any potential embarrassment of having strangers handle your family’s underclothes, treat your dresser like a packing crate.

Bonus tip: Tape some packing paper or plastic wrap over each drawer. Slide the drawers back into the dresser once it’s on the moving truck, then take them out and unwrap them when you get to your new place.

3. Keep Track of All Furniture Components

If you plan to take furniture like shelving or tables apart before your move, you won’t want to lose small parts like bolts, screws and Allen wrenches. After all, you’ll need each piece to successfully reassemble the furniture in your new home. Set these aside, label them and put them somewhere you can easily access once you’re settling in after the move – you’ll likely want to start putting furniture back together as soon as possible to make the new house feel like home.

Bonus tip: Use a packing cube to store tiny parts and keep them all together.

4. Invest in Supplies

There’s nothing worse than starting a big project like packing for a move and realizing you’ve forgotten to get boxes and packing materials. Some examples of necessities that will come in handy before, during and after your move include box cutters, color-coded labels, permanent markers, packing tape, paper towels and garbage bags.

Bonus tip: When you hire a professional residential moving company like Fox Moving and Storage, you won’t need to worry about buying essentials like a dolly and furniture pads. If you want to simplify things even further, be sure to ask about our packing service.

Get Experienced Help for Your Next Move

Professional movers can take all the stress and anxiety out of your moving process. We know packing and relocating can feel overwhelming to take on by yourself, which is why we are available to help you 24/7. Contact us today to request your quote and start enjoying more peace of mind.