If you’ve been on the fence about a move to Knoxville, we may be able sway you the East Tennessee direction when we tell you about how DANG friendly the city is – and we don’t just mean the people. Sometimes described by residents as a really big town as much as a city, everything about Knoxville falls into the live-able category and as it grows, it just seems to get more live-able by the day. Find out just what kind of friendly Knoxville is:

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Wallet Friendly

It’s not often that you want to move to a below average city, but when we’re talking about cost of living…well, that’s another story! While a little higher than rural towns in the East Tennessee region, the cost of living in Knoxville it less than 90% of the national average.  As of June of this year, the median home price in Knoxville was under $200k, making your family dream home oh, so much more attainable than it is in many places! And did we mention, NO state income tax!?

Family Friendly

Speaking of family…if you have kids, a move to Knoxville makes darn good sense! The city is jam-packed with things to do with little ones and many activities are free or inexpensive. Some of the best kid friendly vacay spots are just down the road – Dollywood, Gatlinburg, and indoor water parks, Oh My! To top it all off, Knoxville’s schools rank higher on diversity scales than the rest of TN (by a good bit!) and you’ll have a number of educational options for your kids in both public and private schools.

Adventure Friendly

No matter what your flavor of adventure is, (even if it’s calmly dining out), Knoxville’s got it. Outdoors, you’ll find an abundance of hiking, climbing, paddling, skiing and even just bird watching and sightseeing nearby. If your adventurous streak leans a little more towards air conditioning, you’ll find nightlife in the Old City or Market Square and craft beer fueled daylife on the Knoxville Ale Trail. Shopping? Restaurants? And Arts? Check, check, and check. Choose your own adventure!

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Road Trip Friendly

No matter where you live and how great it is, sometimes you just need to get out and about. That’s what road trips are for and when you move to Knoxville, you’re moving to a road tripper’s paradise! In less than a day’s drive, you can hit up lots of the hottest spots – Nashville, Asheville, Charleston, Atlanta, and Charlotte included. There is someplace interesting to visit in every direction and often the roads between start and end are stunning to boot!

PEOPLE Friendly

Even friendlier than the road trippin’, you won’t believe the people in Knoxville! Nice human beings abound, and you won’t feel like a stranger long when you move to Knoxville. Southern hospitality is real, ya’ll and Knoxvillians have got it! They’ll be friendly to you in your neighborhood, in your grocery store and even on your own front porch!

No matter what your reason for considering a move to Knoxville, we don’t doubt that you’ll find our city to be just DANG friendly when you get here. If you need some help with the transition, just let us know. Fox Movers are pretty dang friendly themselves!