In a perfect world, we’d be like Boy Scouts and always be prepared, but let’s be real, LIFE HAPPENS. While we know that sufficiently planning to move to a new home requires weeks if not months of planning, sometimes you find yourself needing to move on short notice. No need to pull your hair out because we at Fox Moving have encountered every situation in the book, are well skilled at last minute moves, and have some advice on handling it.

Preparing for a move on short notice


Start by making a list of things to do. Make sure dates for when everything needs to be done. Tasks without deadlines fall through the cracks. It’s helpful to keep your list handy at all times on your phone or tablet where you can easily access and modify it at any time. Consider setting reminders so deadlines don’t sneak past you. If friends and family are helping you with your move on short notice, share your task list with them to keep everyone on the same page.


When you move on short notice,  any timesaver helps. Purchase your packing supplies and boxes instead of trying to gather them from various sources. You may save a few dollars picking up used boxes, but you’ll be spending valuable time. Something to consider when hiring movers is the supplies they may be able to offer you. You may want to stick with a moving company that can meet ALL of moving AND packaging needs. Consider using Fox Moving and Storage to take advantage of our free box offer.

HIRE MOVERS:move on short notice

Hiring professional movers will be the most efficient thing you can do when you move on short notice. With just one phone call and maybe a free, quick, in-home estimate, the stress of moving can be taken off your shoulders completely so you can focus on your new home and life changes.


Grab some boxes and work your way through your home one room at a time, carefully labeling your boxes as you go. Thinking about packing your whole house may be overwhelming, but focusing on one room at a time will help. It will also help when you unpack!


  • Remember to submit your change of address as soon as you know you’re moving. It will keep you from missing any important mail.
  • Carefully coordinate dates with movers, and book as soon as you can, considering the move on short notice.
  • Gather together all of your moving documentation: quotes, inventories, lists and contacts. Keeping this information handy will help the process move quicker.
  • Stay as organized as you possibly can throughout the entire process.

Because of your short timetable, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed. Following our tips will relieve some stress. Go with the experts! A moving company like ours is experienced in working with people who need to move on short notice.

Need help with moving on short notice? Give us a shout! We are available 24/7 with as little as an hour notice. Request a free quote online or call us at 423-855-7000.