We get it….you have packing, moving, work, family, friends, and a million other things you are juggling as you make the big move to Nashville! Navigating the packing and moving world can be hectic and even the basic move-in essentials can be overlooked, but it is very important that you are prepared and ready to conquer all that your new home has to offer from cleaning the floors to stocking the bathroom. With just a few minutes of your time and a little preparation, you can alleviate some of the worry and stress and make your transition into your new home a breeze.

Move To Nashville PRO TIP: Create a “day-of-moving” box and put it in an easy to access spot in your car.

moving to nashville

Here are some often overlooked moving essentials you will want to include in your day-of-moving box when you move to Nashville:


This is an important one! Pack a few essential tools you may need for those just in case moments. Include basic items such as nails, hammer, screws, flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, extra tape, and command strips. If you have a home tool kit with the items already, perfect, if not, a couple of dollars with of investments is worth it.

Toilet Paper

You don’t want to be caught in this potential “oops” moment while making your move to Nashville! Make sure to pack a couple of rolls of toilet paper to stock your bathrooms immediately once you arrive at your new digs. Trust us, you will thank us later for this suggestion!

Keeping a soap dispenser available is handy too – pun intended! Moving can be a dirty business and you won’t want to be caught dirty-handed in the loo!

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Chances are your new home may have been cleaned by your new landlord, but more often than not it was just lightly cleaned and broom swept. You may want to consider doing a deep clean once you get into your new space and having a few cleaning supplies available is super handy. Consider bring the following with you: glass cleaner, paper towels, sponge, all-purpose cleaner, rags, and Clorox wipes or other cleaning wipe variation. Some larger items you can bring with you is a broom, mop, and vacuum so you can do a quick run through before your space fills up with boxes.


This is one of the most common, overlooked items! You will most likely be spending quite a bit of time on your phone throughout the day and having phone chargers within easy access is great. Make sure to pack all of your chargers in your box and skip the worry of having to dig through several boxes to find them.

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