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A company’s success is based heavily on its location. Pick the right environment, and your business has a much better chance of thriving. Every business has its own needs, but most entrepreneurs look for locations that are growing economically, have a strong labor force, aren’t cost-prohibitive and have a sizable population to fuel growth. If you’re hoping to move your company to Atlanta, you likely already know that Georgia’s capital offers all these qualities.

More than anything, business owners look for opportunity, and Atlanta’s potential looks endless. From a booming population to one of the nation’s best labor pools, there are several reasons why Atlanta tops business executives’ lists of best cities to relocate. Here’s why you should move your company to Atlanta.

A Fast-Growing Population

Let’s begin with an impressive statistic: Around 200 people move here every day. Metro Atlanta’s population has grown by nearly 700,000 since 2010, and it is expected to add more than 2.5 million people over the next 20 years. The fact that several businesses have relocated to Atlanta, in turn, entices even more people to call our city home. Many of the other selling points we’ll be listing below are closely tied to this population boom.

Georgia Offers an Ideal Business Environment

For six consecutive years, business magazine Site Selection has named Georgia the best business climate in the U.S. Business executives surveyed by the publication ranked Georgia first on their list for many reasons, including the state’s transportation, educational opportunities and diversified economy.

Atlanta is a Great Place for Startups

Aside from New York and San Francisco, Atlanta is the best city in the U.S. for startups, according to data compiled by experts at Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, CBRE Group and Startup Genome, the business site based their rankings on several metrics. Atlanta made the top 10 in four subcategories: number of startups, venture capital investments, tech talent pool growth and city gross domestic product.

The Labor Market Entices Top Talent

Talented workers are flocking to Atlanta because the job market here is one of the best in the country, even while the overall U.S. job market has showed signs of leveling off. The employment website Glassdoor said the city is appealing to workers because it is outpacing the nation in job opportunities and pay increases. Though a competitive labor market does mean that a small business should be prepared to offer competitive wages and benefits, it also means that there are several talented employees available. It’s a strong sign that Atlanta’s business scene is thriving, too.

Why You Should Move Your Company to Atlanta

The ATL is the place to be for startups and established businesses alike. Whether you’re looking for the best employees or a huge pool of customers and clients, this town has an incredible amount of opportunities.

We’ve obviously been crunching the numbers on this topic, but our love of Atlanta isn’t based on statistics alone. Fox Moving & Storage Atlanta loves so much about this sprawling metropolis, including its people, food and sports teams. We can also tell you firsthand that it’s an incredible place for business owners. We’ve helped countless companies move here and, if you’re considering relocating, we’d like to help you, too.

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