Every home and office today has some form of electronics. Laptops, flat screen televisions, gaming devices, and other hi-tech gadgets are common devices used for personal and business reasons. When you prepare to move, you may not think about the special considerations involved in preparing to move your electronics. Following these tips will help ensure your electronic devices arrive safe and sound in your new home.

Back Up Files

You probably store a lot of important files on the hard drive of your laptop or desktop computer. To ensure the safety and security of those files, you should back up everything before you pack up the electronic device for moving. Your backup files can be stored on an external hard drive or, even better, uploaded to a cloud service offered by a reputable company.

Remove Batteries and Media

Before packing up and moving your electronics, remove any batteries that may be in the device or in a remote control. Particularly if you are moving across a long distance or planning to store your electronics for any length of time, you will want to keep the batteries from corroding.

Likewise, remove media such as CDs, DVDs, or game cartridges from the electronic devices. Pack and store the media separately to avoid damage during transit.

Use Original Boxes

Whenever possible, it is best to use the original packaging for moving electronic devices. The original package probably included pre-formed Styrofoam buffers and custom inserts that will protect the television or computer during the move.

Include the original manual if you still have it. Check the manual first to see if the manufacturer has any specific guidance for packing and moving your electronic device.

Organize and Label Cables

Just like Christmas lights, computer and television cables can get tangled and confusing. Before packing or moving your electronic device, remove the cables for that device and label them. You can also attach a colored sticker to the cable and a corresponding colored sticker to the port where the cable goes, so when you are ready to re-connect, you’ll know exactly which cable goes where.

Put the cables that belong together in a plastic bag or wrap them with a rubber band. Then label the group of cables with the name of the devices the cables connect.

Protect the Screen

Bubble wrap is good for protecting most fragile items, but it is not good for the screens on your electronic devices. Plasma television screens, especially, can be scratched by bubble wrap. Instead, if you do not have the original packaging, use a soft blanket to wrap around the television to protect it. Secure the blanket around the television with tape so it will not slide off during the move. Always keep your television in an upright position while moving it to avoid putting pressure on the glass, which could damage it.

Considerations for Office Moves

Commercial moves that involve multiple computers, servers, telephone systems, and other electronics require additional precautions and preparations. File backups are especially critical for a business to be able to continue functioning without disruption after a move. Each workstation should then be disassembled and carefully labeled, including all cables and accessories such as the computer mouse.

Moving a large office or warehouse full of electronic devices is best done by commercial moving experts. Your IT department can coordinate your office move with a professional mover who is experienced with moving electronics as well as office furniture and warehouse equipment.

Storing Electronics

You may need to store electronics as part of your move. Be sure to choose a storage facility that is climate controlled as electronic equipment is sensitive to temperature extremes. The manufacturer may have specific guidelines for storing the electronic device. Check the manual or the manufacturer’s website. An environment that is too cold may cause the device to contract and one that is too warm may create harmful humidity or cause the device to expand.

Need Help Moving Your Electronics?

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