Because Tennessee has abundant geographical diversity, moving from one city to another offers a change of scenery and much more. Many Tennesseans have discovered the benefits of relocating from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Nashville area to the charming city of Chattanooga.

Moving to Chattanooga

Even though Chattanooga is less than a three-hour drive from Nashville, the two cities have distinctly different vibes. While Nashville is the largest city in Tennessee in terms of population and square mileage, Chattanooga is significantly smaller – which could be a refreshing change of pace if you are tired of Nashville’s rapid growth and notorious traffic.

Despite its smaller size, Chattanooga has attracted investment from many large employers, such as Volkswagen and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Chattanooga was also the first U.S. city to roll out a citywide gigabyte network that provides fast, affordable broadband internet to every resident – a move that earned it the nickname “Gig City.” If you’re hoping to innovate the next hot tech startup or join the work-from-home revolution, you’d do well to move from Nashville to Chattanooga.

Where to Live in Chattanooga

Chattanooga residents enjoy excellent public schools, top-ranked universities and some of the country’s best hospitals. When you move from Nashville to Chattanooga, you’ll be in one of the most affordable places to live in Tennessee, with lower-than-average home prices and rental rates.

Whether you’re a young professional, retiree or somewhere in between, you’ll love top Chattanooga neighborhoods like Signal Mountain, Soddy-Daisy, Brainerd and Hixson. These communities offer a high quality of life with plenty of year-round activities.

Chattanooga Things to Do

If you love the outdoors, Chattanooga will speak to your soul. Throughout the city, you’ll find hiking trails, campgrounds and lakes waiting for you to explore.

  • Hike one of the seven trails in the Big Daddy Loop on Lookout Mountain.
  • Traverse waterfalls, rapids and rock formations on North Chickamauga Creek’s Cumberland Trail, then camp at the Stevenson Branch campsite.
  • See seven states at Rock City.
  • Navigate nearly six miles of underground passageways at Raccoon Mountain.
  • Soar over treetops on a 700-foot zipline at High Point ZIP Adventure.
  • Go rock climbing at Deep Creek or take a refreshing dip in the swimming hole.
  • Descend 260 feet to marvel at Ruby Falls, the nation’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall.
  • Explore the city on the Riverwalk, which stretches over 16 miles along the Tennessee River.

Chattanooga’s prime location on the Tennessee-Georgia border gives residents easy access to several Southern cities, including Atlanta, Huntsville and Birmingham. If you’re planning a vacation and don’t like the idea of spending a long time cooped up in a car, Chattanooga makes an excellent home base for all sorts of wonderful weekend getaways.

Make Moving From Nashville to Chattanooga a Breeze

To plan a stress-free, seamless move from Nashville to Chattanooga, reach out to our friendly team. Our experienced professionals offer packing, loading and unloading services, plus secure long-term storage for people who are downsizing or renovating and need extra space. We’ve moved everything from small studio apartments to hotels, so whatever your needs are, we can handle them. Contact us to request your quote today.