Top 5 Tips for Moving in Summer

Moving in the Summer is the most popular time to move! In fact, roughly 70% of all residential moves occur during the five month period between the months of May and September. It is, without a doubt, our busiest season at Fox Moving and there are certainly a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind if you planning to be part of that 70% moving in Summer. You will certainly benefit from warm weather and the free time that comes with kids being out of school, but you’ll benefit even more if you follow these top 5 tips for moving in Summer.

The Top 5 Tips for Moving in Summer Are:

moving in summer

Tip #1: Watch your budget when moving in Summer

As we mentioned, moving in Summer accounts for 70% of all residential moves and that creates a lot of demand. Make and stick to a budget for moving and price shop a little harder than normal if moving in the Summer months! Spikes in demand for professional movers usually equals spikes in rates. The best way to get the most out of your budget is book in advance before availability gets low. That will help lock in the best rates possible.

Tip #2: Hire a reputable moving company

With the great demand of moving in Summer comes great supply. Having been in the business in Tennessee for 10 years, we at Fox Moving can attest to the fact that, inevitably, a whole flock of new “moving companies” spring up every year. Few of those new guys survive past the Fall, and even fewer of them have the necessary skills and experience to offer you a professional and stress-free move. Focus on hiring an established, reputable moving company with that has a little longevity. It can save you time and money in the long-run!

Tip #3: Plan ahead for moving in Summer

The best way to plan for moving in Summer is to plan well in advance! No wasting time. The day you confirm that you are moving is the day that you should start working on your moving plans. Start by putting together a moving checklist and timeline to keep you on track. Carefully plan your daily and weekly schedules to set aside some time to pack up your house during those often busy Summer days (and keep in mind that many people underestimate the time it will take them to pack up their home). Plan a garage sale or make some donation runs for your unwanted belongings and book that reputable moving company well in advance!

Tip #4: Careful what you take with you

Speaking of Summertime yard sales…if you want to stick to that budget and make moving in Summer go faster and easier, then you should plan on moving fewer things. Warm, sunny Spring and Summer months are perfect for yard sales and donation runs. They’ll help you save because the more you take with you, the higher the cost to move. And that’s not even mentioning that we all collect things over time that we just don’t need any longer. Pass them along to someone who needs them now!

On the other hand, mind what you DO take with you when you’re moving in Summer. Pack heat sensitive items (like electronics, vinyl records, and plants) into your personal vehicle so that you can transport them with air conditioned care. Moving trucks are particularly hot in the Summertime so keep those valuables safe and cool!

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Tip #5: Be prepared for the weather when moving in Summer

Mother Nature is a little moody in the warmer months so it can be extra challenging to prepare for the weather when moving in Summer, but there are two things that you need to be ready for no matter what mood she’s in – heat and rain!

Keep sunblock on hand, (and on those arms and face), since you’ll be going out of your home and into the sun all day during a move. Dress comfortably and cool, stay hydrated, and keep the room or rooms where you’ll packing, moving and unpacking air-conditioned. If you’ve hired a moving company, keep your crew hydrated as well by making cold drinks available.

Don’t let the heat make you forget about those pop up rainstorms when moving in Summer though! Here in the South, all Summer days carry some chance of showers and thunderstorms. Those Summertime storms rarely last long, but if one pops up unexpectedly on moving day, you’ll be much better off if you’ve prepared. Have tarps, towels, umbrellas, and maybe even a spare change of clothes ready to go.