Moving in the Fall makes pretty darn good sense.

From weather to cost, the reasons why moving in the Fall is a good idea are numerous. Spring and Summer are peak seasons for moving and rates often reflect it. Come Autumn those rates fall like the leaves from the trees and most moving companies have more flexibility to meet your deadlines and needs. Cooler temperatures make those days of packing and hauling a little more pleasant and perhaps best yet, the housing market loosens up when the warm months end. You may just save a bundle by moving in Fall!

Pack Wisely for Moving in the Fall

Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are right around the corner. Don’t bury those decorations or cookware. We all know that some boxes hang around a while before getting unpacked. Make sure you have everything you need to make your holidays in your home happy ones. Label those Christmas and Thanksgiving must-have boxes and make sure you have easy access to them!

moving in the fall

Dress Wisely for Moving in the Fall

Fall is a time of finicky weather! You’ll want to make sure that you not only dress wisely for moving day when but that you also have your Fall must-have wardrobe at the ready. Think layers on moving day and beyond. You’ll want to be sure that you’re warm enough of cooler temps but can easily shed some attire should the sun be warmer than expected. For that first week in your new home, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have one wardrobe box full of the possible needed accessories and clothing. Scarves, sweaters, hats, and gloves could come in handy on any given Fall morning and you don’t want to be digging for them!

Make Way for Moving in the Fall

As much we all love the colors of Fall, that foliage can be a real danger (and a mess) on moving day. If you’re moving in the Fall, you’ll want to plan to clear out that Fall foliage. Keep brooms and rakes nearby and keep those walkways clear. You’ll want to clear a pathway for your movers before they start to load at your old home and then have those tools available to do the same when you arrive at your new home. You’ll keep your moving crew safe and your entryways clean if you keep those dry Fall leaves out of the way!

Make A Smooth School Transition

Moving in the Fall can be extra challenging for young ones. Starting a new school is never easy and can be even more overwhelming if the school year is already underway. You’ll want to make that transition as smooth as possible for your kids. As soon as you know you’re moving, you’ll want to notify your kids’ current schools so that they can help you prepare. Then you’ll want to research your kids’ new schools and notify them as well. They should be able to guide you on which documents and medical records you’ll need to enroll. Allow your kids to help you in the process as much as they can so that they feel in control of the transition and can begin to look forward to the change.

Get an Early Start When Moving in Fall

Don’t forget if you’re planning to move in the Fall that the days get short! You’ll want to get an early start on moving day. That daylight slips away quickly and no one wants to be stuck wrapping up a move well after dark, especially when that means temperatures dropping. The sooner you get a move on, the better!

moving in the fall

No matter what season you plan to move, the very best advice we can give you is to hire pros! Fox Moving’s professional relocation experts can take the stress out of your move at any time of the year. Call us to get started on your moving plan today!