moving in with your partner

Moving into the same residence with a loved one is a beautiful thing. It’s a significant milestone not just in a relationship, but in two people’s lives. Of course, you’ll both be wise to consider a few of the more practical aspects of the process. By keeping in mind a few tips for moving in with your partner, you can make a great situation even better.

Remember some key things about cohabitating. Compromise is the name of the game. This is a time to make space for someone else, both literally and figuratively. Talk over the process ahead of time with your significant other, so you can both be on the same page.

Let’s get started with a few crucial tips for moving in with your partner.

Identify Overlaps of Your Belongings

One of the most common things that we’ve seen when helping couples move into the same space is a major overlap of belongings. It’s often the case that each has their own couch, bed, oven, etc. Think about which possessions you both have that make your belongings redundant, and then do the hard work of deciding which of these possessions to keep.

If you don’t want to part with certain items, but you decide that they don’t necessarily have a place in your new residence, you can take advantage of long-term storage. For possessions that you’re more than happy to part with, you can sell or give away these items to friends or charity.

Tap Both Your Social Circles for Help

Having a helping hand is crucial for so many aspects of a relocation. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone now that you have a partner. Plus, you both likely have friends and family members that you can tap for help. Leverage these connections to help with anything you need, from packing to finding needed stores in your new neighborhood.

Split Responsibilities

If you previously lived alone, you probably needed to do many things without help. You might have washed all your dishes, cleaned your home and paid the bills. Now that you live with your partner, you can equally distribute these tasks. In some cases, you might want to split responsibilities according to each of your preferences. Or perhaps you can rotate on those tasks that neither of you is crazy about doing.

The moving process is yet another place where two heads are better than one. You can both pack your possessions in the lead up to your move. You can divvy up cleaning responsibilities at your new home to make sure you’re moving into a tidy new home.

If Possible, Create Spaces for Alone Time

One of the most crucial tips for moving in with your partner is planning to have a space where you both feel free to retreat. This might be separate spaces for a home office or just two separate bathrooms.

It’s important that you both feel like this is your space, so figure out which parts of your new home will serve as that much-needed area to which you’ll retreat. If your space is limited, you can still set up boundaries in other ways. Maybe you each have a favorite chair, or a set schedule where you know you’ll have the new home to yourself.

Employ These Tips for Moving in with Your New Partner to Start Off Strong

The more energy you put into getting things in order before you actually move, the better positioned you’ll be for a less stressful move. Congratulations on making this big step in your relationship. Cohabitating can be a beautiful thing, so make the most of this amazing situation.

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