If you ask around, many Nashvillians have only just moved to the “It City” within the last few years. Our melting pot of styles and cultures continues to grow everyday. City growth is related to opportunity, and there’s no shortage of that here. 82 people are moving to Nashville every day, the healthcare industry is sky-rocketing, and the music…let’s not forget about the music! Music City is where 40,000 records are pressed everyday and the live music never stops. When we say non-stop, we are far from exaggerating (as I write this, numerous bands and artists are entertaining the lunch crowd at bars all around the city).

Sometimes moving somewhere new can be overwhelming, so preparation is key. Just ask me, or the other 574 people that moved here in the past week. We’ve put together some tips to help you decide if moving to Nashville is right for you:

Get to know the citymoving to nashville

Visiting is a great place to start; how can you be sure you like the city unless you visit first? Unfortunately (and fortunately for future residents) Nashville is simply too large to full explore over a few days, but you can see what you need to with a little planning:

Get together a list of what matters to you most about moving somewhere new. Your list may include the nightlife, food/restaurant variety, the music scene, or startup culture.

Once your list is together, find places and events that match and book your flight!

Know the stats on moving to Nashville

Educate yourself as to why a move here is a good idea. The statistics don’t lie:

  • Cost of Living: Nashville ranks 14% below the national average on cost of living.
  • Healthcare industry on the rise: Nashville is responsible for nearly half of the for-profit hospital beds in the country.
  • Music Industry: Nashville tops all cities in music industry jobs per 1,000 residents, blowing New York and L.A. out of the water.
  • Culture: Ranked #1 Friendliest City To Live In by CNN.com

Explore before moving to Nashvillemoving to nashville

You can check out reviews and read up on Nashville ’til your eyes run dry, but exploring the area will answer all the questions or doubts you’ll have about moving.

When you visit, pay as much attention to the neighborhoods around the city as you do to Broadway and the main attractions.

Take time to visit some back roads. The city is rich with culture in unexpected places!

Do some research on apartments/homes before visiting. If you find on areas that will fit your living budget, try and visit them. Get a feel for traffic and what they have to offer to your day to day life.

Talk to the locals! Every friendly soul in the city is willing to speak about their personal experiences on moving to Nashville, things to avoid and tips to make a well-informed decision.

Most of all, consider that Nashville may not be the right fit for everyone. So, investigate and research before pulling the trigger. Who are we kidding?! Endless live shows, hundreds of locally crafted beers, a booming economy, low living expenses and all the barbecue you can stomach… 82 people a day don’t move here out of pure coincidence!

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