So the checklist is coming along. You’ve collected your moving supplies, the tedious packing process has begun and you’re slowly chipping away at the small details. They’re a hectic couple weeks and we encounter movers going through it everyday! Despite all the stress associated with your move, we hope there’s also some excitement in the mixing pot! Considering all the emotions and tasks you’re in the midst of, have you stopped to think about how to adjust to a change of weather in your new city? Now this may not apply to all, though many movers go from experiencing one or two seasons a year to all four or visa versa. It’s probably best to plan ahead. Moving to a winter wonderland wearing nothing but tank tops isn’t the best way to start your move. We’ve got some some tips to avoid disaster when moving to a new climate:

Moving to a new climatemoving to a new climate

Prepare to have a few extra bucks in your budget to make any needed adjustments once you settle in. If you’re moving to a more warmer climate, make sure your new abode will be equipped with central air. If by chance central air won’t be part of your home you may need to drop a few pennies on air conditioning to save you from microwaving in the summers!

On the other hand, are you moving to a snow riddled state? Forget the budget for an air conditioner. You’ll need a few shovels and maybe a snowblower! In addition, you may need to invest in snow tires and make room in your monthly budget for heating bills. Brrrr.

Think about what time of the year you’re moving. At times southern movers travel north assuming the sunshine will follow them up. Unfortunately sometimes 70 degree southern weather means 30-40 degree weather in the northern states, so pack accordingly! Wool socks and sweaters are your best friends!

Moving from cold to hot climate

  • Shed the layers: Winters in the north are not the same as they are in the south! Take it from a few of us…. the coldest day in the south can seem like a sunny day in paradise for northern winter dwellers. With that said, you probably won’t need that Mt.Everest ready winter coat and pants. Donate them, give them to your friends staying north or have a yard sale. Purging your winter clothes will save you valuable packing space.
  • Hydrate: It may seem like a small detail, but your body needs to adjust to new temperatures. If you’re not used to living in 80-95 degree weather you may be more susceptible to dehydration.
  •  Air conditioning is key: If your move is taking you somewhere with moderate summers, open windows and a few fans may get you through no problem. Though not applicable to every state, sometimes air conditioning is as important as the hot dog inside the bun. Do some research as air conditioning units come in all sizes and prices. Consider energy saving options as well, you may be running your unit longer than you think!

Moving from hot to cold climatesnow-on-ghia-1403197

  • Bundle Up: This step may not be necessary immediately after your move as it simply depends upon the season in which you make the haul. Regardless, winter is coming and winter clothes are at their cheapest during the summer. Winter clothes are also cheaper in states which have milder cold seasons.
  • Stock Up: You’ll need a few winter supplies to get you though the season. These range from shovels to winter tires as well as salt, ice scrapers and more.
  • Winter Car Tip: After large winter storms the roads are riddled with rock salt. When driving over roads your car picks up the salt and it acts like acid to the undercarriage. Make sure you wash your vehicle a few times a month. The costs may add up, but can save your vehicle years in the long run. You don’t want to fall through the floor of a rusty car on the highway!

Moving is all about planning ahead. You may have considered all the arrangements to meet your scheduling and match your budget, but give some additional thought to seasonal changes. Point being, don’t pack your golf pants and sandals and assume a northern winter will be a piece of cake, or visa versa. Prepare!

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