The holidays are fast approaching. Your move to a new home may also be coming up soon. Timing your move can be challenging during the holiday season, especially this year. There are five things to know about moving on a holiday weekend that may help you determine the best time for you to move.

Book Early

Although the winter months are not the busiest for moving companies, there are still a lot of considerations involved when you are planning to secure the help of a professional mover. The holidays can be a time when more employees are on vacation or have the day off to celebrate. The earlier you book, the more comfort you will have in knowing that you have a fully staffed moving team to help you with your packing, moving, and unpacking.

Watch the Weather

The end of December and early January can get cold. While a white Christmas sounds ideal for the spirit of the season, be prepared for possible icy roads, snowy conditions, and very cold temperatures when moving on a holiday weekend. Dress appropriately, in layers, for the packing and moving process. Be sure to pack a bag with boots, hats, and gloves so you can easily get to those items if a winter storm comes up before you’re able to unpack the rest of your boxes.

Protect electronics and other valuables by enclosing them inside plastic bags to protect them from adverse weather. When possible, use professional boxes that are sturdier or waterproof containers for packing items you don’t want to get wet during a snowstorm. Use care when going in and out of your home when the sidewalks are wet or slippery.

Budget Appropriately

Moving on a holiday weekend will probably be more expensive. Movers typically charge more during peak times for relocation, which include the holidays, as well as the summer, the first and last days of the month, and weekends. However, that will be offset somewhat by the fact the months between October and April are less busy for most professional moving companies.

However, if you decide to move on a weekday, that can also cost you extra time and money. You may need to take time off from work and your friends and family members may not be available to help pack and unpack. So you will need to balance the costs, including the cost of your time, when considering when to move.

Plan for the Holidays

Moving can be stressful, especially when there are so many other things going on. When moving on a holiday weekend, you may be concerned that you will miss the usual holiday activities. This year, there will be fewer family gatherings and holiday parties for everyone, but you can (and should) go ahead and decorate your home, even if it will just be for a few days. Try to maintain as many of the usual holiday traditions as possible.

Turn on some festive music, bake some cookies, and decorate with easy to pack items that will still make it feel like a holiday for you and your family. Once you arrive in your new home, you can take those same decorations and put them up to continue the holiday feeling. Hang a wreath on the door and put up some lights so that it feels like home right away.

Move Between the Major Holidays

This year Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Friday. If you can move after Christmas and before New Year’s, the timing might offer several advantages. First, you probably have less to stress about at work between the major holidays. Many companies even shut down during this week. In addition, your friends and family members might also have some extra time off so they can help pack and unpack (masked and socially distanced, of course).

Call Fox Moving & Storage Chattanooga for Moving Help During the Holidays

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