In an ideal world we’d all love to be prepared for everything. Moving to a new home or apartment involves months of planning, budgeting and organizing. Though this is the case, life is unpredictable, and moving on short notice may very well be an obstacle you will face in your lifetime. You may become overwhelmed because not only is coordinating a move considerably stressful, but having to do it on short notice adds another layer of tension. No need to pull your hair out because we at Fox Moving have encountered every situation in the book, and have some advice on handling it:

Preparing to move on short noticenashville moving company fox moving

Make a task list:

Make a list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Make sure you set dates for when each of these tasks must be finished. It’s also helpful to keep this list with you at all times, keeping it on your phone or laptop where it can easily be modified. Reminders and alarms can help you stay on top of for your deadlines. Sharing this task list can be helpful when asking for help from friends and family, making sure everyone’s on the same page.

Purchase Packing Supplies:

When you’re strapped for time, it will be easier for you to buy packing supplies as opposed to trying to gather up boxes. Generally stopping by a few stores in your area and collecting their unused cardboard can save you cash, but in the long run can take away valuable time. Something to consider when hiring movers is the supplies they may be able to offer you. You may want to stick with a moving company that can meet ALL of moving AND packaging needs.

Hire Movers:nashville moving company fox moving

Hiring movers may be the most efficient thing to do when you move on short notice. Doing all the moving and packing work while handling your schedule and finances is difficult. In addition, scoping out the right movers that work with your schedule and budget can also be time consuming. Lucky for you we’ve also helped with easing the process of hiring movers!

Pack Per Room:

Grabbing a few big boxes or bins and packing a whole room at a time can save you tons of time. Labeling these boxes by room and fragility will help how you move and unpack. Inviting friends over can also be beneficial. Offer to buy dinner in exchange for their services!

Final Details:

Remember to change your address prior to moving. Any important mail you expect to receive will be waiting for you when you move in.

Carefully coordinate dates with movers, considering the move on short notice.

Gather together all moving documentation: quotes, inventory, lists and contacts. Keeping this information handy will help the process move quicker.

Keeping organized trough this process is the most important factor to consider.

Because of your short time table you may become overwhelmed. Following our tips and reaching out to friends and family to help with packing will relieve some stress. Go with the experts! A moving company like ours is experienced in moving on short notice. Be resourceful! Moving companies can help you save time when searching for packing supplies.

Need help moving on short notice? Give us a shout! We are available 24/7 with as little as an hour notice. Request a free quote online or call us at 615-770-3000