Moving Out on Your Own? Congratulations!

If you’re moving out on your own for the first time, it can look a lot different than moving into a college dorm or new family home. When you move into your own place, there are a number of new things to consider that you might not have had to worry about for temporary living situations. Here is what to expect as you’re moving out on your own for the first time.

Packing Appliances

When you’re moving into your own place, even though larger appliances are often provided in apartments like refrigerators and stoves, you will likely have to bring or buy your own smaller appliances. If you’re bringing a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, or other countertop appliances, you’ll need to pack them carefully to prevent pieces from breaking. When you’re packing, make sure glass items like as coffee pots are wrapped with foam or packing paper before placing them in moving boxes. For appliances like microwaves, thoroughly clean them before packing to remove any food residue.

Planning Ahead for Your Place

When you’re moving out on your own, you may be surprised by just how much decoration needs to happen. Unlike college dorms, there won’t be just one room to furnish and organize. For this reason, you’ll want to take a look at the floor plan of your new space to plan which items will go where, and label moving boxes accordingly. Moving teams will have a much easier time on the day of your move if boxes are labeled with the place they belong. This way, you won’t have to improvise with furniture placement on moving day.

Hire Help for Your Move

Another difference between moving into a dorm versus a new apartment or house is that there won’t be staff to assist you in moving your belongings. There may not even be an elevator! Items like bed frames, heavy dressers, tightly packed boxes of clothing, and large boxes mean moving is not a one-person job. Because of this, you will need some extra sets of hands to help you move in—ideally professionals who don’t mind doing some heavy lifting.

Why Hire Professionals?

If you’re moving out on your own, it is essential that you don’t cause any damage to walls or floors of your parents’ house. It’s also important to hire a moving team that is trained in efficient moving so your belongings aren’t dropped, damaged, or placed in the wrong room, creating a hassle later on. On the day of your move, you won’t want to fuss with details and difficulty moving your belongings, which is why hiring a professional team will alleviate the stress and make the day go smoother.

You Don’t Have to Move on Your Own

If you’re getting ready to move out on your own, contact us today at Fox Moving and Storage of Knoxville. With our movers, you’ll be able to smoothly transition to your new place and get excited about your next chapter in life.